6 Clubs Dubbed “Project Sabotage”, Say Not So Fast On Premier League Return


Ever since British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the very limited conditions under which Premier League football can resume; the very prickly topic of the unity of the world’s most popular sports league, has once again come into focus. Although all teams have expressed a desire to finish the season; clubs at the top of the league, and clubs at the bottom; simply don’t have the same level of desperation to complete a season that, due to the coronavirus, is on the brink.

It seem Boris Johnson’s announcement has stirred the Premier League Pot.

According to the Independent; “It is understood the use of neutral venues remains one of the key contentious issues; with the bottom six also anxious to have relegation taken off the table in the event the season cannot be completed.”

“Brighton, Aston Villa and Watford have been vocal critics of the proposal” the report continues; “saying removing home advantage will have a damaging effect on the integrity of the league.”

And this point is obvious. That the clubs in favour of a June resumption; “find it hard not to wonder whether this is all just an opportunity to avoid relegation”; illustrates perfectly what divides the top and bottom clubs. Their priorities with regard to the league, are completely different. And besides, that particular speculation can easily be begged of the teams desperate for the league’s return.

Would the desperation to resume Premier League football be so high if Brighton, not Liverpool, led the league at this stage?

We’ll never know.

Player Safety

Headscratcher: Sergio Aguero is probably wondering why with players still catching the coronavirus, Premier League Clubs are seriously considering returning in June.

This doesn’t even take into account the concerns of players. As reported in the Independent: “The issue of player safety remains paramount too with Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero and Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger just two of a number of players to speak out publicly about their trepidation around returning to the field.”

And just how many players who don’t have the financial security of a Sergio Aguero, are forced to remain silent, while the owners are desperate to push them back onto the field? The health and safety of players, is clearly of secondary importance.

And with a third Brighton player testing positive for the coronavirus on Sunday and now in self-isolation for 14 days; talks of a Premier League return just make the clubs sound greedy and indifferent to the dangers to which they are willing to expose their players.

The decision ought to have been obvious weeks ago. The Premier League season should be cancelled just as the Dutch Eredivisie has been. No one could have foreseen the impact of this pandemic. Start over. With no relegations, no promotions, no European places and yes, no Champion.



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