Matt Gaetz Exposes Trey Gowdy Over FBI Stance


“Why did Trey Gowdy go on TV in May 2018 and say the FBI did what our fellow Americans would have wanted them to do? And that it had nothing to do with @realDonaldTrump?” Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz asked in a Friday May 8 tweet about his former colleague. “When we wanted subpoena power, it was Paul Ryan and Gowdy who wouldn’t give it to us.” Gaetz added.

Matt Gaetz tweeted this little nugget of Trey Gowdy on Friday.

Explosive tweet to say the least. And it comes on the heels of the continued fallout from the DOJ’s dropped prosecution of General Michael Flynn for his then alleged collusion with Russia. A collusion the DOJ admits there never was any evidence of. Then came the new evidence released to Flynn’s lawyers that showed FBI agents apparently attempted to trap Flynn into lying to them, hoping he would be prosecuted or fired.

While Democrats remain obstinate in their insistence that Flynn was corrupt, against all the evidence to the contrary; many republicans are busy pretending it’s all the Democrats’ fault.

Trey Gowdy
Matt Gaetz had no problem calling out his fellow Republicans for their complicity in the whole Russia collusion hoax.

And they’re trying to claim they knew all along that the FBI’s case against Flynn was politically motivated and illegal. But as Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show Friday, Republicans controlled the House and the Senate during the vast majority of the FBI’s investigations into Flynn. He called out Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell for their complicity in all this. But as Gaetz brought up on Sean Hannity’s show, Gowdy and Ryan were just as culpable.

Gowdy on Friday rightly called out the media for it’s contribution to all this, but must have forgotten to apologise for his own complicity.

Trey Gowdy and some of his fellow republicans will have to answer why they allowed the whole Russia hoax to continue as they did.

“My expectations of Adam Schiff are very low.” he said to Sean Hannity on Friday’s show. “He still doesn’t meet them but they’re very low. My expectations of the D.C. Media were a little bit higher and they aided and abetted him for the entire year we conducted the investigation.”

Again, trying to lay it all on the laps of Schiff and the media. But they weren’t in charge back then. The Republicans were. It’s a good thing Gaetz and his elephant-like memory, reminded the world of Republican complicity on Friday.


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