Brazilian Researchers Say Stricter Border Control Most Effective Means of Combating Coronavirus


In this new coronavirus era of scientific inconsistencies and downright about turns, it is becoming more and more apparent that most of the technocratic authorities don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

At first we were told the coronavirus is nothing to worry about because there could be no human-to-human infections. That turned out to be wrong. But believe it or not, the run-of-the-mill politician, desperate for a vote, wasn’t the initial source of this fake news. Not even the media. No it came from scientific authorities, particularly the ones from the WHO.

Then those authorities told us that despite the human to human spread, stigma and discrimination were more harmful, than actual human to human contact. So they told us to “hug a Chinese” and somehow this ultimate sign of non bigotry, would grant us immunity to coronavirus.

They also insisted on keeping the borders open. Closing the borders, they told us, would actually increase the danger to citizens and would spread the disease even faster. Tragically, those “scientific” theories turned out to science fiction. Like much in the so-called scientific field.

It was at this time, the virus became a pandemic.

Well, new research coming out of Brazil shows, that not only would closing the borders not have further spread the disease; but it would have actually curbed it, and saved the world a lot of lives and money.

Researchers have found that closing borders is the most effective means of combating the coronavirus.

Per Steve Watson of Infowars: “Scientists in Brazil have found that the countries most affected by the coronavirus spread, are the ones who continued to allow unrestricted travel across their borders; prompting further arguments that the most effective method of preventing the spread is tighter frontier controls.”

The research,” Watson reports, “carried out by the Federal University of Bahia in Salvador, suggests that screening and quarantining those coming into countries from outside could have been “a cheap solution for humanity”.

Writes Watson: “The researchers based their analysis on records of 7,834 airports, using online flight databases documenting 67,600 transport routes in 65 countries.”

The Infowars reporter alss writes that “The scientists factored in a number of forces, including climate, socioeconomic factors, as well economic and air transport, in an attempt to ascertain how the size of outbreaks was affected in 65 countries which had more than 100 cases.”

“The overwhelming factor was found to be air travel, leading to a conclusion that it is “the main explanation for the growth rate of COVID-19.”


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