Stephen Miller Wife Katie, Contracts Coronavirus. Liberals Celebrate Like They’ve Found A Cure


Few men can boast of being more hated by the radical left and the fake news media, than White House Aide and Senior Advisor, Stephen Miller. Who can forget how he owned Jim Acosta at the White Hose press briefing that one time? It was so bad, he made Acosta sound more bigoted than Clinton favourite Robert Byrd.

Katie Miller just tested positive for the coronavirus. But the subsequent liberal celebrations have everything to do with their hatred of husband Stephen.

And then there was poor Jake Tapper. Miller clowned Tapper mercilessly. On Tapper’s own show no less. Tapper was so exasperated, that he felt the need to cut the segment short. Too funny.

Needless to say, Stephen Miller is not a favourite of the left. In fact, it would be an understatement to write that the left despises Miller. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that when news broke that Miller’s wife Katie contracted the coronavirus; liberals everywhere jumped for joy.

Liberals Overjoyed At Miller Misery

“It makes sense Katie has #Covid_19 , Stephen Miller is a vampire bat.” wrote one Twitter troll, unashamed to hide his jubilation at the misery of others.

“The wife of Stephen Miller has COVID-19″ wrote another in obvious jubilation. “(He is the white supremacist advisor to Trump and the author of most xenophobic/racist laws/regs; she is the spox to the VP).” Yes, Katie’s crime of being spokeswoman to Pence is reason enough for this pleb to celebrate her misfortune.

“I hope Stephen Miller catches it and I hope he has symptoms and I hope he suffers”; tweeted someone who surely has lambasted conservatives for not being sufficiently considerate of the health and safety of others.

This Twitter twit tweeted; “So… does this mean Stephen Miller– often near Potus- is likely positive?” Not only wishing Miller ill, but Trump as well. How magnanimous.

One pagan decided to praise the pagan concept of “Karma” for her fortune. “Trump’s personal valet and now Katie Miller, VP spox & wife of white supremacist Stephen Miller, has been infected with Covid-19. So the entire West Wing has now been directly or indirectly exposed to the deadly virus. Folks, maybe Karma IS real!”

How ironic that liberals, who often malign Trump for not being sufficiently empathetic; are doing cartwheels over Katie Miller’s coronavirus positive test. And hoping in the process, that her husband and the U.S. President catch the deadly disease too. Oh what would liberals be if it weren’t for hypocrisy?


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