Will the Left Ever Admit The Truth Of Lisa Bloom’s Tweet To Tara Reade?


I believe you, Tara Reade. You have people who remember you told them about this decades ago. We know he is “handsy.” You’re not asking for $. You’ve obviously struggled mightily with this. I still have to fight Trump, so I will still support Joe. But I believe you. And I’m sorry

As absurd as Lisa Bloom’s tweet to Tara Reade is. As much as it demonstrates an almost frightening lack of self awareness. It is perhaps the most honest thing a liberal has said throughout this entire Reade Joe Biden saga.

What Bloom’s tweet does is provide a gateway into the mind of the typical liberal; the very liberal who has refused to apply to dear old Uncle Joe the standards he’s applied to Brett Kavanaugh and others.

Because ultimately, this is about defeating Donald Trump in November. The timing of Reade’s accusation, is a political inconvenience to the left. So they’ve decided openly to back an accused sexual assaulter who they believe has a chance to unseat the man, who in their eyes is the world’s greatest evil. Pure hypocrisy!

But as the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles said on his show recently: “We’re shocked that they [leftists] believe Christine Blasey Ford but not Tara Reade. Why? It’s not about any principle, it’s just about tearing down the culture. It’s purely a politics of opposition.”

He added: “We should be open eyed to it and stop being these naïve little children who are perpetually shocked when we say: ‘Yeah! But look at the hypocrisy!’ They don’t care about the hypocrisy. Point out the hypocrisy because it’s important to win over conservatives and moderates and independents. The left doesn’t care. It was never about principles.”

Michael Knowles describes the left.

Lisa Bloom’s Hypocrisy in Believing Tara Reade

Bloom’s tweet, that she believes Tara Reade, is a bit surprising given her track record. Only last year she was roundly criticised for the contents of a memo she had written to her client: the now convicted sexual assaulter and former movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

As reported in USA Today last September: “Bloom, who has made a career of representing women who have accused powerful men of sexual misconduct, wrote to Weinstein in December 2016, explaining that she was “equipped to help you against the Roses [Rose McGowan] of the world, because I have represented so many of them.”

Harvey Weinstein defender Lisa Bloom, has called her own clients liars in the past. But she tweeted out recently, that she believes Joe Biden accuser, Tara Reade.

The “them” being women who’ve alleged to being raped or sexually molested or abused.

Bloom decided, per the same report, to utilise her intimate knowledge of these women, to inform her client, Harvey Weinstein, that they “start out as impressive, bold women, but the more one presses for evidence, the weaknesses and lies are revealed.”

About the same story, an article in Page Six reads: “After writing about how to plan an attack on actress Rose McGowan — whom she dubbed a “pathological liar” — Bloom wrote: “You [Weinstein] should be the hero in your story — not the villain. This [is] very doable…”

But this shouldn’t shock anyone. It’s the left and the hypocrisy runs deep.


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