The Left’s Savage Treatment of Tara Reade


Ever since the anti-Trump establishment broke its silence over the Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden, it’s been open season on the woman we’re now being told not to believe.

The verbal assaults started with IBelieveBiden trending on Twitter last week. Many of his alleged supporters not only expressed support for the accused sexual assaulter, but also ripped into Tara Reade’s character as well.

Those were the masses though.

The more prominent in Biden’s camp, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and former President Barack Obama, while endorsing Biden’s presidential candidacy, have refrained from verbally attacking Reade.

Biden supporters are attacking Reade nonstop over her allegations of sexual assault. So much for believing all women.

But as the allegations loom large over Biden, supporters who can’t just be dismissed as riff raff, are beginning to crack.

Per Breitbart, journalist Kurt Eichenwald “over a series of 32 tweets, attacked Reade.”

“This is going to be an ugly, angry thread.” tweeted Eichenwald on Twitter, a week attempt at prefacing the unwarranted. “It’s going to be about rape, written by someone who was violently raped in the early 1980s.”

Which makes what he says next, all the more confusing.

“Tara Reade is a liar.” Eichenwald declared. “Im now certain of that beyond a reasonable doubt. Her attention seeking or corrupt performance has demeaned people who have been actual victims,”

He ordered that Reade “Not only should be ignored in perpetuity, she should be condemned and – if she actually filed a police report recently – arrest her,”

Like a schoolboy afraid of catching ‘cooties’, Eichenwald tweeted: “I literally hate Tara Reade. I do not know what motive or mental illness she has that led to this nonsense, but I know she is aware that this is a lie. And I hate the media on this.”

Speaking of mental illness, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Eichenwald’s attitude towards the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh was completely different to how he views Reade. In September 2018, he tweeted:

“Kavanaugh established he is not fit to be on the Supreme Court when he said the accusations against him described by Ford six years ago is some sort of Clinton payback. Conspiracy theorists belong on the Alex jones show and twitter, not behind the bench.”

Keep in mind Eichenwald is now peddling in conspiracy in order to attack Reade…On Twitter no less. Really can’t make this up.

The attacks on Reade don’t end there.

Jon Cooper, former finance chair of the Draft Biden committee tweeted: “I don’t know if Tara Reade is unbalanced or was driven by malicious motives, but it’s clear that this story is OVER. Now let’s get back to the REAL issues, like Trump’s incompetence that has led to the deaths of nearly 70,000 Americans, with 30 million filing for unemployment.”

So rape allegations going unheeded by the wider public is no longer a “REAL” issue, according to a former finance chair of the Draft Biden committee. O.K. Gotcha.

New Hampshire state Rep. Richard Komi takes the cake though with a tweet so vulgar, we won’t be reproducing it here on Site Nestor. “That is why I believe Tara Reade’s allegations is [sic] false. She is looking for attention.” wrote Komi, right after his vulgar attack on Reade.

Needless to say, Komi resigned his seat after he insinuated that Reade allowed the alleged assault to happen.

Per Breitbart: “A Rasmussen poll found more respondents believe Reade than Biden.” Which makes it really strange that some of Biden’s more rabid supporters have chosen this ad hominem route.

Time will tell how this turns out for Reade, Biden, and what democrats truly seem to be concerned about: the Presidency of the United States and the defeat of Donald J Trump.


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