Draymond Green: I Changed The Game…With Steph’s Help


“I think I changed the game of basketball with the help of Steph Curry, you know what I’m saying. But I think Steph Curry changed the game of basketball with the help of me. Like I think it was a match made in heaven and then all of a sudden you know, Klay Thompson come into his own and become top two shooters in the world and us three changed the game of basketball forever.” (Draymond Green on All The Smoke Podcast)

Clearly the media hype has gotten to Draymond Green. They’ve created a monster, and now they’re going tear him down for making such deluded statements.

Obviously, there’s only one player in the NBA today, who can make the argument that he’s changed the game, and that’s Steph Curry. Even an all time great like LeBron James, has had merely a fraction of Steph Curry’s basketball impact. Yet Draymond Green dares broadcast to the world that in fact he was the one who changed the game, along with his little helper Steph. Wow!

As crazy as his Curry comments were, the way Green spoke about Klay Thompson (Steph’s actual number two), was downright insulting. “…then all of a sudden you know, Klay Thompson come into his own and become top two shooters in the world…” Really? Green was riding the bench when Mark Jackson dubbed the ‘Steph and Klay’ pairing “the best shooting backcourt in NBA history.” Then came the famous Splash Brothers nickname. Those guys were giving teams like San Antonio and the LA Clippers fits in the playoffs, while Green looked on from the bench. But Klay “all of a sudden came into his own?” Talk about delusions of grandeur.

Green Media Monster

The media has to own this monster. Several pundits have stated that Green is more important to the Warriors’ success than Thompson. Some like Max Kellerman, have gone as far as to claim that Green is just a better player than Thompson. All ludicrous assertions.

Green’s clearly drunk from this media concocted Kool-Aid, and believes the hype. And he fails to realise it’s just that…hype. Before Kevin Durant came to the Warriors, Steph Curry was clearly the best player in the NBA. It became so glaring, that even the Lebron loving media started to acknowledge it and beg the question.

After the refereeing debacle that was the 2016 NBA Finals, Curry’s underperformance, and the Cavs comeback from down 3-1 in the series, the Steph Curry bashing well and truly got underway. With Durant on the Warriors, Curry was all of a sudden disqualified from the MVP discussion. (Based on irrational media narrative of course. Note also how this automatic MVP disqualification does not apply to media-darling Lebron James. Even with Anthony Davis this season, Lebron is an MVP favourite.)

Rewriting History

But Durant wasn’t the only stick with which the media beat Curry’s legacy. They now considered Draymond Green the third or even second star, on a Warriors team that was ‘loaded’ before Durant got there. All false media narratives concocted to convince the masses that LeBron overcame a so-called ‘super-team’ before Durant made it unfair.

The Splash Brothers with the guy who change the NBA.

Yes, the pre-Durant Warriors had one superstar in Curry and a star in Thompson. But everybody else on that team was a role player, including Green. (Compare that to the Cavs with Lebron as the lone superstar, with two star players in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love). All of a sudden, Green was a perennial all-star and arguably a Hall of Famer.

Now with Curry no longer considered a contender for the NBA’s best, and with the Lebron vs Michal GOAT debate in full swing, the media has no more use for Green. He’s gone back to being considered a role player and has been exposed this past ‘triple single’ season, as being just that, a role player fortunate enough to play and win with Steph and Klay.


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