California Rampage: Race-Related, or just a Case of Racism.


“It starts taking its toll on you and you get fed up with the racism. You get tired of letting things slide.” recalled Kori Ali Muhammad. His subsequent response to being ‘fed up with racism’ though, was to “kill as many white men” as possible.

Per this ABC news report “Muhammad was convicted of first-degree murder for [David] Jackson’s slaying; second-degree murder for [Carl] Williams III, Zachary Randalls and [Mark] Gassett; four counts of attempted murder; one count of shooting at an occupied vehicle and one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm.”

All of Mohammed’s victims were “white men”. Muhammad, a “black man”, “in a race-related rampage” as ABC puts it, “is expected to be sentenced next month to life in prison without possibility of parole.”

“When I walked up to the truck,”, recalled Muhammad of his murder of Zachary Randalls, “I saw a Mexican driver and a white guy. I didn’t want to target the driver because he was Mexican so I shot the white dude.”

But why would a guy who’s presumably “fed up with the racism” carry out a murderous, racist attack? And yes, killing men because they are “white”, is racist, despite the ABC report referring to it as a “race-related rampage”.

As we’ve already covered, there’s a growing contingent of “non-white” folks who don’t believe it’s possible for us to be racist. Michael Eric Dyson, as you may recall said that “Racism presupposes the ability to control a significant segment of the population economically, politically and socially by imposing law, covenant and restriction on their lives. Black people ain’t have no capacity to do that. Can we be bigoted? Yes. Can we be prejudiced? Yes. Racist? No.”

So by Dyson’s logic, Muhammad’s attacks, though “race-related”, though, bigoted and though prejudiced, are not racist. Clearly, Muhammad did not think his attack on these “white men”, was racist, either.


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