What Poland’s Proposed Law Tells Us About ‘Sex Education’


For decades now, ‘sex education’ in schools has been the world’s only normal. At first it was to educate the adolescent young– filled as they are with ‘raging hormones’ and an inability to control themselves–about the pros and cons of sexual activity. Soon, our teens were being given free condoms in public schools and being told to practise ‘safe sex’, making it absolutely clear that the only cons the cons of this world see with sex, the only unsafe aspect of sex as they see it, is the threat of conceiving babies. (There are so many venereal diseases condoms do nothing to protect against, that it can hardly be surmised they were distributed to stop them.)

Anyway, with the gateway of so-called heterosexual ‘sex education’ firmly established, all forms of ‘sex education’ have become mandatory in schools in the Western world, most particularly, so-called ‘homosexual’ sex education. Which tells us something of where ‘sex-ed’ proponents always intended to bring this thing. And now it’s becoming mandatory in more and more western countries for children as young as four to be exposed to this filth.

As bad as it’s become though, there has been some push-back. In this era of Trumpian populism, politicians are more wont to acknowledge the concerns of a growing base of moral conservatives, which they have for years glibly ignored.

There have been significant pushes in the United States, for instance, to scale back the license given to women by the constitution to murder their unborn infants. In the U.K. Brexit became a reality, much to the chagrin of the political class there. And now in Poland, according to a Reuters report, the government is “entertaining new legislation which could see sexual education taught in school and “the promotion of underage sexual activity” become criminalized.”

Great news for the safety of children, (in Poland at least if the legislation is passed), and hopefully an example to the rest of the Western world to follow.

Of course, the response from the “Gay Mafia” has been rabid and swift. “Protesters gathered to demonstrate against the proposal, dubbed the “Stop Pedophilia” law, which could see sexual educators face prison sentences of up to five years if found guilty.” (nationalfile.com)

According to DW, “Anna Blus, a researcher with Amnesty International, described the legislation as “outrageous” and “extremely vague and broad.”

“This bill will put young people at risk,” Blus declared. “It could have disastrous effects.”

If by the “disastrous effects” of this Stop Paedophilia bill, Blus was referring to the exponential increase in the likelihood that children develop normally without the corruptive influence of a vile education system, (which effectively cuts off at the knees the supply chain of those doped up on the innocence of children), then to the “disastrous effects” I say, ‘Bravo!’ Or put more bluntly by the so-called LGBT activist, Ola Kaczorek to Reuters: “This [legislation] would make [it] impossible for us as educators to come into schools and teach kids about humans, about what makes us, us, and what’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Usually school is not a friendly environment for non-heterosexual kids, (author’s emphasis) but now it will be even harder”.

Question: Given that sex with children is illegal and is always classified as rape, why would anyone consider children “non-heterosexual”? Or even heterosexual for that matter?

It’s generally accepted as not only evil but illegal to have any sort of sexual relations with children. The official term for this heinous act is ‘paedophilia’.

As “Stop Paedophilia” put so succinctly; “The organisations and activists most involved in the promotion of sexual ‘education’ in our country are the LGBT lobby. In Western Europe, members of these movements involved in implementing sex education in schools were convicted of pedophilia,”

And there’s also this from the already quoted Reuters report: “The bill’s authors said “children are sexually awakened and familiarised with homosexuality” during sex education lessons, which were used “by the LGBT lobby to achieve radical political goals”, including legalising adoption by LGBT+ couples.”

These facts of course, never get in the way of the ‘impassioned’ activists in our midst, who, almost perpetually find some sick cause to defend.

Let’s hope the Bill passes and similar legislation starts to take hold in the rest of the West.


Dean Nestor

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