Police Warn Hong Kong`Rioters’ After University Clashes


Hong Kong

(Bloomberg) — Hong Kong protesters called for disruption to the city’s busy commuter trains Wednesday, as clashes continued late into Tuesday evening. Police said “rioters threw bricks, petrol bombs, launched arrows and even fired a signal flare” at officers during clashes at a university.

The chaos follows a flare-up in violence after Hong Kong last week saw its first fatality linked to the protests that began in June against a bill that would’ve allowed extraditions to mainland China. While the proposal has since been withdrawn, demonstrators have widened their demands to include an independent inquiry into police violence and the ability to nominate and elect their own leaders — both of which Beijing has rejected.

An intense day of clashes on Monday led to at least 260 arrests and around 100 people injured, including two critically. One man was shot by a police officer on Monday during the morning commute, while another was set on fire by protesters. Chief Executive Carrie Lam said last night the protesters wouldn’t achieve their goals through violence.

Key developments:

Protesters call for more disruptions to the city’s transport system on Wednesday morning. Tear gas was fired again in the heart of Hong Kong’s business and financial district as riot police confronted protesters who gathered in Central for a second day. Some subway stations were closed and schools and universities shut their doors as protests sprung up around the city.Clashes continued late into the night at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The 21-year-old student protester who was shot and critically injured by police on Monday was formally arrested. Hong Kong Chief Executive Lam has given two press conferences in fewer than 24 hours in which she has urged an end to the disruptions and intimated that protesters will not achieve their goals through violence. District elections are still scheduled to take place on Nov. 24 in what would be the first major democratic exercise held in the city since protests began.


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