Police stop distraught father from killing himself: ‘Your son needs you!’

police distraught father

How often do we hear the tragic tales of police killings and brutality? So much so we forget the lives they save and protect everyday. This story about a prevented suicide, serves as a great reminder.

Washington Examiner: Video taken by police bodycam shows Georgia law enforcement successfully talking a distraught father out of killing himself with a knife.

Police tried to get the man to focus on his 1-year-old son as he lay on the kitchen floor with a knife held to his own chest during the June incident. The man expressed fear that he would not see his son, despite protests from the officers. “Drop the knife,” one officer said. “Do you want to see your son?”

The man, who was not identified, said he didn’t believe he would see his son again. “I’m done,” he said, with a shaky voice. “I’m not going to see him.”

The officer continued to remind him of the significance of fatherhood and told him that his son was the most important thing to him. He also said that the man couldn’t be sure he would not see his son again. “Right now, your life’s really hard,” he said. “It can get better, and it will, but you can’t give up.” The officer said he had responded to a previous call of distress from the man.

police distraught father

“Do you remember me? I was out here about a month ago,” the police officer said to the distraught father. “You were doing good then. You want to go get help, I know you do.” Eventually, the officers were able to get the father to share pictures on his phone of his infant son while continuing their efforts to disarm him. After a few moments, the man relented and dropped the knife.

Officers then escorted him outside where he was transported to a medical treatment facility. “You’re not under arrest,” the officer said, reassuring him. “You did the right thing today, OK?”


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