What San Francisco Can Teach St. Lucia about Marijuana


Momentum seems to be gathering in St. Lucia for the legalisation of marijuana, after the Cannabis Movement spoke with Cabinet last week; a meeting that’s been described as ‘historic.’

The huge amount of public support for marijuana’s legalisation; as opposed to all the stigma attached to it just 20 years ago, can quite frankly be used as a case study in just how culture and perception can change in such a short span of time.

All of a sudden, what was unhealthy and illegal, is now seen as unfairly stigmatised and a potential cash cow. And this is what St. Lucians should pay special attention to. While Rastafarians and other like groups believe this is some sort of religious, human rights or culture issue, what marijuana legalisation really boils down to is money.

This is what San Francisco and other Californian cities thought, when legalising marijuana on a state level–contrary to all of their nation’s federal laws–that marijuana legalisation is merely a goldmine that they’ve sat on for far too long.

But the fatal flaw in their and now our rationale when it comes to this issue, is the underestimation—and at times—complete ignoring of the negative effect of marijuana consumption and the impacts of its legalised sale at an economic level.

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Dean Nestor

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