The Rock Criticised for Not Being Black Enough


In October, Dwayne the Rock Johnson was told that he’s not black enough to play John Henry, an “African American” Folklore legend. The details of which demonstrate one thing: so-called blacks are confused about their race.

This racial confusion permeates so-called black societies all over the world; an entire group of people who neither know their race, nor on what grounds to define it.

The problem stems from identifying with a colour or shade as one’s race. The word “black” describes nothing except one of the world’s shades and is usually associated with evil. However, it cannot describe accurately someone’s race.

I challenge anyone who disagrees with this premise to tell me what the word black describes on a “black” person. Most would reply their skin colour but that is wrong; not only because black is not even a colour, but also because no one in history has ever had black skin.

What most describe as “black” skin,actually ranges from many shades of brown; while some who are cast as “black”are even lighter than any shade of brown. Yet none of these are called brown or cream, or cocoa, or whatever colour their skin actually is, in regards to their race. They are simply and inaccurately called black; and thus the confusion is perpetuated.

However, I do not advocate identifying race by calling anyone by their actual skin colour either. The above is just to point out the many inconsistencies that this colour application to the races has; inconsistencies which have led to incidents like what happened with the former WWE star.

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