Morris Café And The Miracle on Mary Ann Street


Sometimes in life, in order for things to come through or to work out, we just need to catch a break. It doesn’t matter how hard we work, or how much we apply ourselves to our given task, without that break, we would be set for failure instead of success.

Kevin Morris can attest to this; although in his case, his road to success may be more attributable to destiny, rather than to simply catching a break or getting lucky.

You see, Kevin Morris very recently started his own business, the Morris Café on Marian Street just opposite Nato’s Book Store. However, his dream nearly went up in flames almost as soon as it got off the ground.

I met Kevin about a month ago at Serenity Park. He was carrying around his plastic container filled with cakes, selling them to potential customers, trying to ‘build his clientele’, as he would say.

After hearing his backstory and the journey he took to get to St. Lucia and eventually open up his own business, I decided to write a story about him.

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