False Catholic Bishops Resign En-Masse


True Catholics already know the truth about the state of the “hierarchy”, in the so-called “catholic church”. They already know that there are no Catholic Bishops and priests, and that there are no Cardinals, nor archbishops; nor is there a Pope, in this time of mass apostasy.

With all 31 of the Bishops, offering their resignation to anti-Pope Francis, what greater symbolism could there be, in regards to the actual situation on the ground?

Chile, in reality, has no Catholic Bishops. This action by the apostate bishops, is not a confirmation of that reality, but it is clearly a message from God, to those who know the truth and to those who want to know it.

For, not only Chile, but every nation under the sun, is absent of Catholic Bishops, given the fact that none of the many bishops in the world, are Catholic.

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Dean Nestor

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