If Curry Doesn’t Play Well Warriors Will Lose


Simply put; Stephen Curry has to play better if the Warriors are going to win the Western Conference Finals after a Game 2 blowout loss against the Houston Rockets.

Kevin Durant tried to assume the leadership role after the game, maturely taking the blame for the loss, after scoring 38.

As reported by the Mercury News Durant said; “I started the game off with a turnover and I can’t have that and a foul,”  “I got Trevor Ariza going and the crowd going. So, I take full responsibility for the start of the game. After that, it was just contagious and my teammates kind of followed my lead. I can’t start the game off like that.”

However, where Durant is wrong is in stating that his teammates followed his lead. They followed Steph’s lead, because Steph is the true leader of the team. When he plays well, everybody else plays well. However, when Durant plays well, that’s not necessarily the case.

Durant, simply put is too isolation-centric, to be a player that can carry a team to a championship; that’s why he had to join Steph’s team remember?

Steph Curry’s game is not solely or largely based on isolation like Durant’s is, so his great play, rather than being detrimental to his teammates, (he was the only Warriors player in double figures besides Durant; make of that what you will); oftentimes serves as a great boost to their individual talents.

Curry is averaging 17 points in this series; which simply isn’t good enough. He needs to be more aggressive and needs to assert himself as the true leader and best player on the Warriors team, in order for them to repeat as champions.

Curry’s importance compared to Durant’s is always highlighted by the fact that their playoff opponents always target him in some way or the other, while they leave Durant to “get his” as they say.

The statistics back up that choice, as the Warriors almost always win when Curry plays well, but with Durant it’s more of a toss up. The Rockets are willing to take that chance.

They will continue to attack Curry on defense, not because he’s a weak defender, (he’s very under-rated and has a horrid reputation thanks to the false media narrative); but because they want to tire him out so his offensive game suffers.

Curry has to find a proper balance in order to overcome this tactic by the Rockets, by being more assertive. His performance in Game 3 and beyond, may decide where the NBA title resides this season.


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