Brad Stevens’ Perfect Response To Shannon Sharpe


On FS1’s highly-rated show Ship and Shannon Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe sent out a warning to the Boston Celtics, while debating Skip Bayless, on whether or not LeBron would be able to carry the Cavaliers to a Game 2 victory, after being blown out in Game 1.

He warned that a storm in the form of LeBron James was coming; a storm Brad Stevens and the Celtics just would not be able to weather. His forecast was based on the 2 previous Game 2’s LeBron had played during the 2018 Playoffs, in which he scored over 40 points both times, on the way to leading his team to victories.

However, despite the truth of Shannon’s forecast of Hurricane LeBron storming through, he was dead wrong about the Celtics’ ability to weather it, as they won another game convincingly at home, 107-94; LeBron James and his 40-point triple double, helpless in the face of Boston’s offensive and defensive schemes and their overall teamwork.

The following morning, Shannon Sharpe, usually boisterous and boastful after a big LeBron James game, had to speak with a mouth full of crow.

“Give the Celtics credit” Sharpe stated, after predictably pointing out everything wrong with the Cavs role players, while being unable to find anything critical to say about James.

In alluding to his “hurricane” prediction on the previous show he stated; “I told you a category 5 was gonna touch down. They bunkered down, they weathered the storm.”

After the Celtics’ victory last night, Brad Stevens used similar language to describe LeBron James’ first quarter outburst and the fightback he masterminded to eventually help them overcome it.

“I thought our guys did a really good job of weathering the early storm,” Stevens said according to an article by Yahoo.

Despite the Celtics, 2-0 series lead, many, particularly in the mainstream media, are still sticking the LeBron and the Cavs to make it to the NBA Finals.


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