Paul Joseph Watson Exposes Youtube Hypocrisy Over Childish Gambino’s This is America



YouTube helped a video that depicts people being massacred go viral, allowing it to be watched by children, while censoring a video which merely contained criticism of the original.

Childish Gambino’s music video for This is America brutally shows a man being shot in the head and a group of gospel singers being massacred with an AK-47.

The video is not age restricted, can be watched by children and has been placed on YouTube’s curated ‘trending’ page for the last 11 days. It has gone viral having been watched by over 120 million people.

On Tuesday night, I posted a commentary video discussing the themes behind the ‘This is America’ music video and the song. The video did not show any violence. I explicitly censored the violent parts that remain in the original.

Within hours, the video was deemed to be “inappropriate or offensive” and placed in what has come to be known as the “Goolag,” which means it cannot be shared, receive comments or likes. Essentially, this is a way of ensuring the least number of people as possible can see the video, without removing it altogether.

Numerous other videos which discuss the Childish Gambino video have not been censored, including this one by the Washington Post.

This is yet another example of YouTube’s stunning hypocrisy and double standard in how it treats large corporate creators and the independent creators who helped build the platform.

To emphasize, YouTube actively worked to help the original video, which shows people being brutally massacred, to go viral and didn’t even place an age restriction on it, meaning it can easily be viewed by children, while censoring a video that merely contained political commentary.

This once again underscores how Silicon Valley giants are monopolizing public discourse online and using their power to censor conservatives and punish people for expressing diversity of thought.

The censored video can be watched below via Twitter. The YouTube link can still be shared here (users have to be logged in to watch).


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