Kevin Love’s Post Game Comments: A Shot At LeBron?


The Boston Celtics have gone up 2-0 after soundly beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in both games of the Eastern Conference Finals. With the Celtics playing without their two marquee off season signings, in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, the Cavaliers with LeBron James, who is almost universally (but wrongly), regarded as the best player in the NBA, were heavily favoured to dominate their starless foes, and return to the NBA Finals for the fourth straight year.

However, in a shocking turn of events, it is the LeBron James led, Cleveland Cavaliers who have been dominated so far, albeit on the road.

Kevin Love, who had a nice game in defeat, to complement Lebron James’ 40-point triple double, made some interesting comments post game; and to anybody paying attention, they were clearly a shot at LeBron James and his domineering playing style.

As reported by Yahoo, Love said this in praise of the Celtics: “I think you can actually take a lot from the Boston Celtics.”

He went on to say that “They had all their starters in double figures, and that comes a lot, I think, with not only Stevens putting them in the right position but their level of activity. They move the ball, they continue to cut.”

When Love, who despite his good game last night, has had a torrid time in the playoffs this year and has been the subject of much criticism from LeBron James’ biggest fanboys [by critically acclaimed NBA analysts], says that the Cavs can learn from the Celtics’ “ball movement”, then we have to read between the lines here.

The number one problem with Cleveland’s coaching and lack of offensive schemes, is LeBron James. That is a fact the mainstream media does not want to admit; but it is a fact that Kevin Love highlighted by his comments last night.

LeBron is a ball dominant player who does not move well without the ball and is a mediocre spot up shooter. He is a tremendous stat-padder who has a reputation for making others better (due to his high assist numbers) and due to very high media manipulation.

However, when one looks at it closely, LeBron rarely makes teammates better and often times places them in a position with an expiring shot clock, where if they make the shot, he gets all the credit and if they miss they get all the blame.

Kevin Love knows this and he knows that his own game for the most part has suffered, playing with LeBron James.

In pointing out the team ball that the Celtics (are allowed) to play, he is pointing to why LeBron’s team is being thoroughly outplayed by a team without any star power in what’s supposed to be a star driven league.

He is also pointing out that the notion that LeBron James is the best player in the Stephen Curry era, is laughable.

The star player who is able to get his team victories and championships, should be considered the best.


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