Daily Caller Another Zionist News Outlet?


The Daily Caller is a (so called) conservative news website, that has a lot of good articles and a lot of good perspectives on the stories it covers.

However, the news site’s defense of the indefensible actions of Israel, is emblematic of one of the problems of mainline Protestants; and that is, in God’s eyes a Jew, and anything affiliated with a Jew, can do no wrong.

They must have missed the part where, the man they call their “personal lord and saviour” said this of the Jews; “You are the sons of your Father the Devil!”

When one of their headlines reads like this “The UN Hates Israel — America’s Embassy Move Proved It”, it tells you all you need to know about their tactics.

Many in the conservative camp have no love for Israel, so what the Daily Caller does with this headline, is to tug at their loyalties. The UN, is just as disliked by conservatives, as Israel is, so of course, the Daily Caller uses the UN as a linchpin in their irrational defense of Israel’s violent actions.

Stating that “When President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would be moving its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the capital of Jerusalem, the U.N. showed its true colors”; the article went on to list all of the atrocities committed by Israel, that the UN had the temerity to call out.

“The General Assembly adopted 26 resolutions that criticized a country in 2016 — 20 of which were directed at Israel. Ten critical resolutions were issued in a single day”

What were some of the resolutions that the UN dared to levy against Israel you may ask?

According to the same article, the UN in some of its “anti Israeli” resolutions included “language that condemned “acts of violence, destruction, harassment, provocation and incitement by Israeli settlers” in what the General Assembly called “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

Of course notice how the Daily Caller sarcastically puts quotes around “acts of violence, destruction, harassment” etc, as if thousands dead, does not meet the requirements to merit those terms.

Of course, the Daily Caller and news sites like it will be the first to report “the terrorist nature” of the slaughter of “1 Jewish” schoolgirl who was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist. Make of that what you will.

It’s funny that the Daily Caller apparently by putting in quotation marks the  phrase “occupied Palestinian Territory”, as if Palestine’s territory isn’t occupied illegally and forcefully by the Jews.

Oh but of course “God” gave them the land to own forever right? He never took it from them for their sins. Those parts of the Bible have to be ignored right?

Ludicrously, the Daily Caller uses the Bible to defend Israel’s ownership of Jerusalem.

“In 2016, the U.N. World Heritage Committee claimed Muslims — not Jews — hold a prior claim to the Temple mount, despite the Jewish people building the temple under King Solomon more than 1,600 years before the birth of Islam.”

These are the guys who praise the Crusaders for keeping the Moslems in check, but condemn them for their “atrocities against the Jews.” This is ridiculous.

How can the Jews hold claim to the “Temple Mount” when God Himself, while on earth, prophesied them losing Solomon’s Temple as a punishment for their incredulity?

But those parts of the Bible, are inconvenient to the Protestant, who continues to defend the Jews, who continue to reject the one they claim is “their lord and saviour”; and blaspheme and insult Him far more than the Moslems do.


Dean Nestor

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