Brady Thumb Injury Genuine or For the Benefit of Gambling


In the world of sports, a lot of money exchanges hands, particularly in the gambling department. It is thought that there’s more money made from betting than there is from merchandise sales, game attendance or advertisers. “Fantasy” Football, a fancy term for “betting” is more scrutinised these days than the actual games.

Therefore, when news of Tom Brady’s “thumb injury” breaks, it’s no surprise that the entire betting world has been thrown for a loop. “Do we bet on the Patriots? Or do we choose the Jaguars because Brady’s hurt?” Or is he really? There’s no doubt that the betting patterns for Sunday’s game will drastically shift because of the news of Brady’s injury; a shift designed to get bettors to leave the sure bet in the Patriots and bet on the unfancied Jags.

This is why there is some doubt over the authenticity of Brady’s injury. So much money rides on its veracity.

Per this Business Insider report

Quarterback Tom Brady was present at practice yesterday, an encouraging sign a day after he jammed his right hand in a collision with a running back. However, Brady didn’t participate in the workout, according to the Patriots’ injury report that designates a player’s participation level during team drills.

Brady atypically wore red gloves on both hands. He noted as recently as last month that a glove on his throwing hand “didn’t go too well” earlier in his career. Brady usually wears a glove on his left hand during colder practices and games but ditched the righty glove years ago.

While dissecting nearly every photographed angle of Brady’s right hand, it appeared he may have worn a splint or extra tape on his thumb, but that wasn’t a complete certainty.

To prove the point about what really matters in sports; betting money, here’s a report by Action Network, on the reaction of bookmakers to Brady’s reported injury

As news became public regarding Tom Brady’s apparent hand injury, the line for Sunday’s Jaguars-Patriots AFC Championship game dropped from New England -9 to the key number of -7 late Thursday afternoon.

On Friday morning, oddsmakers at market-setting sportsbook became concerned enough to take the game off the board entirely, meaning they weren’t accepting wagers on this matchup until receiving more clarity regarding the severity of Brady’s injury.

According to Scott Cooley, an odds consultant for, “We took it off periodically throughout the day yesterday, including last night, as news and source information came in.”

Bookmaker re-opened the Patriots at -7 with an over/under of 46, which has since dropped to 44.5 as bettors have flocked towards the ‘under’.

At the time of publication, 62% of spread tickets have taken New England.

Bettors should remember that the House always wins, before switching to the Jags.


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