Meghan Markle Isn’t ‘Black’. True Race Is Not About Colour


Disclaimer: This article in no way means that Site Nestor endorses or even recognises the “engagement” between Prince Harry and divorced Meghan Markle. We only acknowledge that Mrs. Markle is still married to her first husband, a bond that can only be broken by death. Therefore she is not eligible to be married to anyone else.

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Meghan Markle’s so called “mixed” or “biracial” background has sparked many conversations over the internet; and many fables about her race. Mrs. Meghan Markle has been called a nigger, biracial, mixed and other such terms which do not apply to her at all.

As Laura Ingraham pointed out

“Just moments after the engagement was announced, social media was awash in racial overtones. And this was all because Meghan Markle’s father is white, and her mother is black. So suddenly, tweets and Facebook posts were harping on her racial identity.”

Notice how colour-driven conversations about race are; conversations which are based on erroneous social constructs like black and white; ignoring the role paternity plays in the actual race of each individual.

What is race?

The human race, is one race because we are all the seed of our Father Adam, who came from the dust. Thus when the term “human” (dust) is used to describe our one race; it is accurate because it highlights who our common father is.

The one human race can be divided into three major races, from which all men have descended; the Semite race, the Chamite race and the Japhethite race. Named for Noah’s three sons Sem, Cham and Japheth.

It is often overly simplified that Asians are Semite, Africans are Chamite and Europeans are Japhethite. This can be used as a general guide but not all Asians are Semite; not all Africans are Chamite and not all Europeans are Japhethite.

For example, Madian, the son of Abraham and father of some Ethiopians, was a Semite; making many Ethiopians Semitic. But all Ethiopians however, because of the colour(s) of their skin; are erroneously called ‘black’ and associated with ‘black Africans’. A false association, given the colour of a man’s skin does not determine his race; but his paternal line does.

The Mixed Race Delusion

Therefore, there is no such thing as mixed race; as there is no such thing (racially speaking) as white or black. Thus Ephraim and Manasses, Joseph’s sons are universally considered Israelites (sons of Israel); and not Chamites (sons of Cham); despite the fact their mother was a descendant of Cham. Neither does the Bible refer to them as mixed race because like white and black; the term ‘mixed-race’ is a social construct that tells us nothing about race.

Rather, Ephraim and Manasses are rightly called sons of Israel because their father Joseph, was Israel’s son. Their probable darker skin compared to their racial brothers (thanks to their mother); had nothing to do with their race. And they were not considered to be mixed, despite their mixed appearance.

Meghan Markle

The same is true with Mrs. Markle. Not a single one of her forefathers is what one would  consider to be “black”. Assuming that she is of the line of Japheth; she is racially what her father is and therefore, likely a Japhethite. Therefore, her father should not allow her to be referred to as the race of her mother; nor should any father for that matter. God recognises Mrs. Markle as belonging to the race of her father and that’s all that matters.

Comments about her skin colour and her “mixed” background; exposes how racially ignorant our society is today and how much stock we put in appearances. The so called “whites” reject anyone who isn’t “pure” and the so-called “blacks” ignore the racial background of anyone whom they consider to be “mixed black”, claiming them as simply “black” which is crazy. 

Never mind the fact that neither shade (black nor white) accurately describes anybody’s skin colour, no colour is determinant of race; but our fathers are what determines our racial identity.


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