After Loss to Referee Assisted Man City, Arsenal Bounce Back to Outclass Hapless (Alleged) Blood Doping Spurs


When Arsenal lost to Man City the last time the Premier League was on show, they lost to undoubtedly the best team in English football. However, they didn’t need any help from the referees to lose that game, which unfortunately they did.

Corruption is rife within “the beautiful game” and it always goes back to the money.  The massive gambling taking place on games, before and during those games, is killing ‘joga bonita’. The gambling, which includes Fantasy Football, clearly helps decide games, goals and refereeing decisions. You are allowed to bet on all of these. Plus the money generated in gambling on games, far outstrips what’s generated within the game. It’s a problem.

Normal service was resumed on Saturday, as Arsenal triumphed 2:0 over Tottenham Hotspur for the first time in 3 years, in a thrilling game of football.

As reported here before, Tottenham have one brilliant creative player in Erickson and not much outside of that. While Dele Alli and Harry Kane score a lot of goals, there’s not much else to their games. If Erickson is locked up so are they and that was demonstrated once again today.

Spurs rely on outworking their opponents to win their matches, getting “physical’ i.e. getting away with fouling, in order to fuel a lot of their wins. The (alleged) blood doping helps them keep up their frantic pace for 90 minutes.

However, while Man Utd allowed Spurs to punch themselves out before delivering the final blow, Arsenal simply outclassed them. Underneath the media bias Arsenal is clearly a team with better creative players than Spurs. Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka, Ramsey, are better technical players than their opposite numbers from Spurs and it showed today. With the more solid 3 5 2 system, Arsenal were able to successfully prevent Spurs counter attacks, shackle Erickson and control the tempo of the game.

This victory brings the Gunners to within 1 point of Spurs in the table as Man City’s lead right now already looks insurmountable.


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