Reactions to Callipari’s “Arm Grab” of Female Reporter Bring to Mind An Uncomfortable Truth: Men & Women Should Not Be At Same Place of Work


For all of the feminist rhetoric about how men and women are equal, reactions last night to John Calipari’s “arm grab” of Maria Taylor, tell us that they are not.

There would never have been any reaction at all, had Calipari held a male reporter in the same excited and friendly manner he did with Maria Taylor. However, I must admit, as soon as I saw it last night, I knew Calipari would be in at least some hot water today.

Many will say that men ought to know how to act with women, making up rules as they go along; rules which will never bring any solution to an obvious problem. Others will say that it’s not a problem at all. That men and women are equal and there should be no differences at work based on gender.

However, that is a ridiculous lie which even its proponents, through daily experience know is not true. The differences are there and they are all set up for men to fall. If a woman touched a man in the way John Calipari did with Maria Taylor, nothing would have been made of it. But the fact that the man touched the woman in that way, the negative reactions were predictable.

Yet they were also understandable. While no one wants to admit it, touches which occur, even conversations which occur, between men and women are different than if the same things happen when the genders are the same. There’s an added element to them which is not there when the genders are the same. It’s that added element which either leads to to the male and female becoming more than friends, or to sexual harassment and their subsequent allegations (some 40 years later in some cases).

Most may not want to admit it, but the only solution to this problem is the separation of the sexes at places of work and at school. In pre-World War I history, how many cases of sexual harassment at the workplace occurred? Men and women did not occupy the same areas of work; oftentimes the woman was at home raising her children while her husband worked. Did she have to endure sexual harassment at work?

The truth is, the reason people react the way they do when these things occur is because deep down they know it is inappropriate for such contact (as happened last night) between a man and a woman not related and not married to each other, to occur; especially in view of everyone.

However, in this sexually liberal and dialectic society, that truth is too hard to admit and act upon. Instead everyone chooses to either blame “evil” men for not knowing their boundaries with women, or they blame “narrow minded prudes” like myself for outlining friction that does not exist. But it does exist and anyone who is honest enough, knows it is a problem that only traditional male/female etiquette can solve.


Dean Nestor

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