The Great Irony of the False Church of England’s Support for Transgenders in its Schools


A woman shall not be clothed with mans apparel, neither shall a
man use womans apparel: for he is abominable before God that
doeth these things. Deuteronomy 22:5

When the Anti Arch Bishop of Canterbury in a forward to Anglican schools says: ““All bullying, including homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying causes profound damage, leading to higher levels of mental health disorders, self-harm, depression and suicide.” not many will realise that apart from promoting these abominations, the Anti Arch Bishop’s words is one of the great ironies in modern history.

When you contrast the Biblical quote, to the Anti Arch Bishop’s quote, it is easy to note the stark difference in teaching. Where the irony comes into play, is in the history of the inception of the false Church of England, as well as Protestantism on a whole, and that the doctrine of sola scriptura was one of the main reasons it split from the Catholic Church.

Accusing the Catholic Church of changing Biblical teaching to suit its dogmas, the originators of Protestantism, which includes the false Church of England, decided to make the sola scriptura doctrine, one of its central doctrinal beliefs and one of the main reasons for their split from Catholicism. Apostate Thomas Cranmer, the de facto founder of Anglicanism, was a profound subscriber to this tenet.

Even from the beginning of this religious revolution, the apostate Thomas Cranmer could not agree on interpretation of the Scriptures with his Protestant contemporaries, which has been the main curse of Protestantism, now home to a seemingly endless number of sects, all believing contradictory things in their own false versions of Christianity. I very much doubt that he would be in agreement with his successor’s very obvious break from clear scripture teaching, in order to support transgenderism, buggery and other such abominations.

And therein lies the irony. Protestantism was founded on the principle of sola scriptura (a heresy of course), which places biblical authority in matters of faith and morals above all others, yet the head of one of its founding sects, the Anti Arch Bishop of Canterbury, most openly supports secular values such as transgenderism, in open defiance of Biblical teaching authority.

This is why, the God forsaken BBC and other mainstream media outlets, raved about the 500 year anniversary of “the Reformation”, as written about in a previous article. It was a celebration of self identifying Christians, rebelling against God and His Most Holy Catholic Church; a rebellion which has spiraled into worldwide promotion of doctrinal and moral relativism, which now has a very tyrannical grip on human society. For who is free anymore to protest doctrinal and moral relativism, without suffering the most dire of consequences?


Dean Nestor

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