Virtue Signalling Gregg Popovich Uses Reported Massacre As Lame Excuse to Dodge Media


Gregg Popovich is at it again. After the San Antonio Spurs’ 112-95 win over the Phoenix Suns last night, he had this to say before bolting on the media:

“We won a basketball game but considering everything that’s gone on today it’s pretty meaningless. When you think about the tragedy that those families are suffering it’s just inconceivable and impossible to put your head around. So I think talking about basketball tonight is probably pretty inappropriate. So you guys [reporters] have a good night.”

So the sanctimonious Gregg Popovich thought that “talking about basketball tonight…is pretty inappropriate” in the aftermath of the Texas shooting, even though his team played and won that same evening. If talking about basketball “is pretty inappropriate” in the aftermath of a tragedy, how is playing one okay?

Gregg Popovich is notorious for his disdain towards reporters and his dislike of interviews. He had no problem with coaching basketball but he had one with talking afterwards; because of the tragedy? No. You don’t get away with that one Mr. Popovich. You didn’t want to speak after the game because you never want to. It had nothing to do with the reported shooting. You used the tragedy as a shield against the league’s fine, knowing one would more than likely not come, if you played the tragedy card right. A despicable tactic from someone who is becoming more and more despicable.


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