Spain Issues Arrest Warrant for Carles Puigdemont as he Appeals to Europe From Brussels to Intervene in Civil Dispute


…I wouldn’t want the European Union to consist of 95 member states in the future.” Jean-Claude Juncker

As pointed out in my article about the Catalan dispute, when push came to shove, gun power would decide the outcome and Puigdemont’s disgraceful flight from Catalonia, when Madrid marched in, is evidence of that.

Puigdemont’s flight to Brussels to appeal from there for European intervention, demonstrates that he hasn’t quite grasped the reality of the situation. Here is an example of a purely political leader, who leads via empty rhetoric and theatrical grand standing, all the while oblivious to the puppeteer pulling his strings from behind. Puigdemont appears to actually think that the rhetoric he spews, has any basis in reality. Like the dealer who makes the mistake of smoking his own product, Puigdemont has made the mistake of believing his own rhetoric, that political power resides in “the people”; and like that drug smoking dealer, Puigdemont will not have much longer in the political business.

In a press conference this passed week Mr. Puigdemont stated: “This is a European issue, and I want Europe to react.” But what he doesn’t seem to realize is that Europe has made its position abundantly clear. It is not going to intervene in this matter. Why then does the former Catalan leader still persist? He has no other choice. He made the mistake of starting a rebellion he wasn’t prepared to fight and shed his blood for. Somehow the concept of “democracy”, of the politically moral right over the “tyranny” of Spain, would galvanize Europe to intervene, as it had done in the past with other territories. But that’s not proven to be the case so far.

“We are here because Brussels is the capital of Europe,” Mr. Puigdemont stated, a very romantic sentiment, but not one based on reality. Brussels’ legal power rests in the military might of its most powerful members. One of those is Spain. Brussels would not risk ticking off the Spanish military for the sake of a deluded former regional president like Carles Puigdemont, and definitely not for the political lie, that democracy is the be all and end all of political necessity. Brussels, unlike the former Catalan leader, is not stupid enough to sniff its own blow.

Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission puts this matter in its proper perspective: “…I wouldn’t want the European Union to consist of 95 member states in the future.” In other words, Europe is not going to intervene on Catalonia’s behalf. The risk of further fracturing the currently fragile Union is too great. It highlights the real hypocrisy of the EU, having intervened in similar disputes before, but the key to power is to hold onto it and not to throw it away for ideals that are simply there to satiate the mob, and has no part in the actual exercise of power. Ideals like freedom of expression and democracy.

Spain’s issuance of an arrest warrant for Mr. Puigdemont, by Judge Carmen Lamela, is an exercise of its right of conquest, having taken over the administration of the Catalan Government, after the leaders of the separatist movement fled without firing a single shot. Whether the Belgian government hands the former Catalan President over to the Spanish government is irrelevant. Spain maintains control over the Catalan region, which is what this whole dispute is about.

Carles Puigdemont by fleeing, has shown the kind of leader he is. He led the movement to separate from Spain, declared Catalan Independence, then fled at the first sign of trouble, not willing to fight to defend what he believes in. Rather, he is now begging Europe to help him “for the sake of democracy”. How exactly does he expect Europe to successfully intervene on his behalf? Through diplomacy? Through the legal system? They would have to carry out a military invasion of Spain, in order to force Spain to drop its claims over Catalonia; an option Mr. Puigdemont has not shown any desire to employ himself but has no problem asking others to do it for him. Typical politician in a suit. A coward who begs others to fight his battles, while he continues preaching “peace and democracy.”


Dean Nestor

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