(Anti-Pope) Francis and his predecessor (Anti-Pope) Benedict XVI have both stated that celibacy is not a matter of inflexible church dogma unlike (sic), and could be debated.

The above quote like the above mentioned Anti-Popes is false and not rooted in fact. First of all, while we all deserve this time of punishment delivered to us by God even through wretched vessels like Anti-Pope Francis and Anti-Pope Benedict XVI for the many egregious sins we have committed, the Most Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, does not deserve to have her most good name dragged through the mud by these Apostate priests.

First of all for the above to say that Anti-Pope Francis has the right to change the celibacy law because “it isn’t a matter of inflexible dogma” (as if there’s any other kind of dogma) is false. Anti-Pope Francis has never once shown any desire to keep Catholic dogma in the first place, so why should this excuse be made for him. The pretense that this Anti Pope actually cares about Catholic Dogma and Tradition by the mainstream media (God forbid!) is laughable but also very telling. That the Devil is using his media minions to defend this (Anti) Pope, should tell anyone with an ounce of good will, that Francis isn’t the least bit Catholic.

Which brings me to my second point. Even if Francis was the Pope and truly Catholic (he’s not), he wouldn’t have the power to change this law anyway, and he’d fall out of the Church (and therefore the Papacy) the minute he expressed any desire to do so or expressed any belief in it. The celibacy law, was established by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, as evidenced by His Most Holy Person, never having broken His celibacy throughout His Most Holy life and ministry. His most beloved Apostle, though not the Chief, was the one who was a virgin, St. John. He too, never broke his vow of celibacy for as long as he lived.

As for the other Apostles, though they were married before they became priests, they practiced celibacy during their 3 year ministry with Our Lord. As soon as their Apostolic Ministry began, before the institution of the priesthood, they were already celibate and that’s easily proven by what’s written in the Holy Gospels. For didn’t St. Peter, married though he was, tell the Lord that “We have given up all to follow Thee”? And if a married man says he has given up all, does that not include carnal knowledge of his wife also? If even a married man who became a priest, even the greatest of the Apostles, had to become chaste, how is it now “permitted”?

In the grand scheme of things, none of the above matters. Married men may be permitted to become priests as the Apostles were. But a priest could never become married. The vow a priest takes, places an impediment on him, preventing him from marriage for life. There are many impediments in this life. Like the one the Catholic Church recognises, which prevents parents from ever being married to their child. They may say the words, but God does not recognise the act and therefore neither does His Church. A priest therefore, defrocked or not, can say the words with a woman (ordinarily a valid person for a man to marry) but the impediment nullifies the act and the marriage.

In a similar way a man can never be married to another man and a woman can never be married to another woman, so a priest can never be married to anyone but the Church.



92 thoughts on “Anti Pope Francis to Consider Allowing Ordained Priests to Get Married”
  1. This pope really scares me. Global warming, taking in muslims…
    Isis said there’d be a Christmas of blood. They’d drive a truck and bring weapons.

    1. All of these are important issues, but they are merely a manifestation of his lack of Faith. The Church teaches us that we must believe every article of Faith in order to be a Catholic. Francis hardly believes anything that is Catholic.

  2. Yes,, he washed their feet, approved of the koran… I think he’s an anti pope also. We are allowed to follow the teachings of the previous pope in such cases.

    1. That leads us to a whole other discussion. As Catholics we are bound to be loyal to the Papacy and their teaching throughout the years. However, you must be male and a Catholic in order to be the Pope. Therefore a heretic cannot be Pope even if he was elected by the Cardinals. This is why Francis is not the Pope. He is not a Catholic. But everything non Catholic about him can be applied to his immediate predecessors.

      1. I know it’s a difficult pill to swallow. There are basic tenets of Catholicism that are absolutely necessary to qualify is as Catholics. Some of these tenets are no longer taught, or they are passed off as extreme or antiquated. However, the Church’s teachings are without error and they can never change, much like Her founder Jesus Christ.

      2. So to make a long answer short. No, he’s not even close to being a Catholic. He has said he respects atheists; when the psalms teach us “the fool has said in his heart there is no God” He’s also said that he respects “gays” when Romans 1 curses buggers and all who support them. There are many other anti Catholic things he teaches and believes in which more than disqualify him from being a Catholic and thus the Papacy.

      3. They have labeled him a heretic? What do u read to find out what he actually says.

      4. In response to your question, has the Church declared Francis a heretic; i’ll ask you a question. Have you ever heard of Arius and the Arian heresy?

      5. I don’t believe we can trust what the media says,, 97% of them voted for Hillary.. although I wouldn’t doubt it.

      6. Some of his interviews were in Spanish. I’m not exactly an expert, but I understand enough Spanish to know that the media translations of his interviews were close enough to what he intended to say.

        Also when there are persons close to him who aren’t affiliated with the media; like other Bishops and so on, and they all acknowledge that this is what he teaches, whether they agree with him or disagree with him, then it’s a little difficult to argue that this is media manipulation.

        Also, the media loves Anti Pope Francis. The reason they love him is because he disagrees with everything Catholic and aligns himself with every secular position. His position on the wall, on Climate Change, on wars. It all aligns with the media and not with the Catholic Church. So they have no reason to misrepresent him.

      7. I don’t want to judge him because he’s our pope and I pray for him every day to get a plenary indulgence, but I just follow what the church has always taught. ISIS said there will be a Christmas of blood, they said they’d drive a truck there w/ weapons. God help Rome. I read somewhere, don’t know if it’s true,, that he’ll be our last pope.

      8. You said “I don’t want to judge him because he’s our Pope” What if he was caught in the act of murdering an innocent person. Would you judge him then? Murder is an evil which pales in comparison to heresy, which Francis is guilty of many times over. By that very fact he is not the Pope.

        I asked you about Arius earlier because he was a Catholic Bishop in the 4th century who denied the divinity of Christ. He was a heretic and recognised by official Church document as a heretic, not from the Church’s official pronouncement, but from the moment he consented to his heresy (in this case apostasy).
        Therefore the Church does not have to declare either Pope or lay person a heretic in order for it to be so. By the very act of heresy, one becomes a heretic “ipso facto”

      9. If he committed murder etc i’d judge him,, or any physical sin. I don’t want to think badly of him..but I will follow the past pope.

      10. Yes but a mortal sin against the moral law (last seven Commandments) does not cast you out of the Church. He would still be the Pope in that case. A bad Pope but the Pope nonetheless.

        However, Francis does not believe Catholic teachings. That act of disbelief ipso facto casts him out of the Church, making him a non Catholic.

        Have you ever heard of the Athanasian Creed? One of the three dogmatic Creeds of the Catholic Church?

      11. The Athanasian Creed was banned by Paul VI in the early 70’s I believe. He banned it because it tells the truth about the necessity to be Catholic in order to be saved. he disagreed with that dogmatic church teaching so he abolished it (which he had no right nor power to do).
        The opening line of the Athanasian Creed which is prayed every Lord’s Day Prime in the Divine Office is this:
        “Whosoever willeth to be saved needs above all to hold the Catholic Faith. Which faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled, he will without doubt perish eternally.”

        This is in line with what I’ve been saying because this is what I believe. I believe everything the Catholic Church teaches. However, many of her most holy teachings (like the Athanasian Creed) have been censored by men pretending to be Catholic. This is why you don’t know about it and 5 years ago I had never heard of it either.

      12. Do I have to hit your knuckles with a ruler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Go back home,, be on the road to Heaven..Nestor!! 🙂

      13. Good. Physical sins are bad but spiritual sins like heresy and apostasy are worse. If you would (rightly) judge him for murder, then you must judge him for spiritual murder, which is heresy. If you then accept that he is a heretic, i.e, not a Catholic, then you must accept that a non catholic can never be the head of what he is not a member of. A non catholic could never be the Pope. Francis therefore is a non Catholic Anti Pope.

      14. God said,,”if u love me keep My commandments.” Doesn’t matter who the pope is we have to follow His laws if we want to go to Heaven.

      15. God also said; “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. Whatever thou shalt bind on earth shalt be bound in Heaven. etc”

        God also said to the Apostles; “He who hears you hears me. he who rejects you rejects me”

        God also said: “Whoever does not hear the Church let him be to thee as a thief and a robber.”

        Therefore it is important to know who the Pope is, and what the Papacy and papal authority means. It is as important to obey the laws of the Church as it is to obey the Ten Commandments. Christ Himself declared so as I quoted above. The Papacy is an integral part of Catholicism. Therefore the Pope has to be held to the highest standard for he represents Christ himself on earth.

        As St. Augustine says; “if someone obeys every commandment, yet is not a Catholic, he will not be saved.” (paraphrasing)
        Obeying the commandments is only meritorious to a Catholic. A non Catholic who obeys the commandment will not be saved until he becomes a catholic and acknowledges the Papacy.
        I hope you understand this

      16. I understand…GO BACK TO CHURCH NESTOR!!! That is separating yourself from God.. and He is the source of all wisdom..We have had anti popes but people still follow God’s only church.. Come home …

      17. You don’t understand. I wish we could talk so i can better explain. I believe in the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. I believe in all of her teachings. She has commanded me and all Catholics to separate ourselves from those who do not believe, including those who call themselves Catholic. Therefore if i have a hope of salvation, then I must reject false teachings and those who preach and believe false teachings.

      18. You can’t say u are right if u don’t talk to a priest,, they have studied all their lives. Talk to a priest then tell me what he said.

      19. But I have spoken to many priests; some of them were forced to admit that John Paul II was a heretic but they could not bring themselves to say that meant he wasn’t the pope.
        Yes the priests may have studied all of their lives but Our lord chose fishermen and tax collectors and zealots to be his first priests.

        St. Patrick and the Cure D’Ars weren’t particularly good with Latin but in their day, not a priest could match their holiness and their Catholic Faith. the Cure D’Ars even condemned the pornography that was painted in French Churches in his day and other abominations which took place.

      20. Nester,, I don’t trust what he says especially w/ his views on global warming, taking in muslims, and socialist leanings.

      21. True Popes through history have condemned Moslems, or the Saracen. They referred to Islam as an abominable religion, which contrary to the one true religion, and their prophet Mohammed as a false prophet. Contrast this to Francis’ teachings and you will see a direct contrast. Pope St. Leo the Great who condemned Moslems cannot be a Pope if Francis is one, who loves Islam and sees no problem with it. I believe Pope St. Leo was a true Pope who taught rightly about Islam. Thus if he is a Pope, there is no way, that someone who believes differently from him in a matter of faith and morals, can be the Pope.

        Also Global Warming is a scam that any true Pope would warn his Catholic flock against. But Global Warming is a small matter compared to the biggest conspiracy against Nature in history.

      22. How is he not a member of the Catholic Church? Why don’t they make him step down..?

      23. In order for a deception like a non Catholic Bishop becoming Pope to work, it has to run far deeper and wider than with just one man.

        I am trying to keep the information to him for now because you need to be fed milk at this stage and not meat. I hope you are open to learning about the Catholic Faith and its history and are prepared to believe that almost everything you’ve been taught is a lie. But that’s a different subject for another day God-willing.

        The reason they cannot make him step down is because they all believe him to be the Pope. Many of the more “traditional” bishops and priests are too cowardly to call a spade a spade and so they continue complaining about his teachings.

        But you must understand that the Pope is the head of the Church. If you believe Francis is the Pope then you must accept his teaching on immigration and on the wall. These are moral matters and the Pope’s public opinion ought to align with the Church’s. If you believe Francis is the Pope then you must agree with his stances on these moral issues. If you don’t then you are a schismatic.

        I don’t agree with him but I am not a schismatic because I rightly recognise the fact that Francis is not Catholic and therefore has no moral authority over me.

      24. I don’t make the laws so it doesn’t matter what he says. on gov or environmental issues. And like I said,, we can refer to a previous pope’s dictates.

      25. Well, A Catholic is bound to obey the Pope and Catholic Law, over and above contradictory secular laws. He’s not the Pope and is wrong on this issue, but if you believe him to be the true Pope then you are bound, (if you’re a true Catholic) to obey him over your own government.

        In my case personally, when I was younger, I strongly believed in pacifism. Then I did some research and it was clear that the Church was not pacifist and that some wars are just. I didn’t understand but I immediately let go of my false beliefs and adopted the Church’s teachings.

        I say this to you because in order to be a true catholic, you have to be willing to obey all of the Church’s teachings and to believe all of them are true. In the case of Global Warming you don’t have to because it isn’t Catholic. But if the Church preaches against something like (democracy for example which it does) you have to believe it.

    1. Exactly. Arius was declared by the Church a heretic, not from the Church’s declaration, but from the moment he consented to his heresy. Therefore, the Church does not have to officially declare anyone a heretic in order for him to be a heretic.

      A layman Eusebius, not the Pope back then, was the first person to declare Arius a heretic upon hearing his blaspemies taught on the pulpit against Christ.

      If Eusebius was bound to call out a bishop for his heresies, lay men today are no less bound

      1. If he goes against church teachings on moral issues I don’t have to follow him.

      2. It’s not just that you don’t have to follow him. If you accept him as the Pope, you’re saying that no matter what he does, no matter what he teaches, he is the head of the catholic Church, and therefore you are bound to obey him in matters of faith and morals.

        You have to recognise that because of his heresies, he is not a Catholic and therefore not the Pope. Once you have acknowledged he is not the Pope, then you would no longer be bound to obey him.
        It cannot be an act of convenience simply because you disagree with him on certain issues. You cannot say, the Pope teaches something that i don’t agree with therefore I am not bound to obey him. You have to say, because this man goes against the Catholic Faith, he is not a Catholic and therefore he is not the Pope, so I reject him as an anti pope.
        The Catholic Church is not a Church of rebellion (democracy), it is a Church of hierarchy and order.

  3. I’m not saying you are wrong,, i’m just telling you what I read.. He’s the only pope I don’t trust. Lord help him.

    1. It scares me to think our pope is a heretic but God can do anything.. Pray for him that he learns what our faith is really about.

      1. I cannot pray for the Pope, for the Chair of St. Peter is empty. I look to the Holy teachings of the true Popes to guide my faith. Men far wiser than me. And actually obedient to God’s word.
        Rather, I pray for the Papacy; that a Holy Man may one day assume the Chair of St. Peter and lead the Catholic Church through the days of Anti Christ and lead stray Catholics like myself, back to the one fold of Christ; the Catholic Church.

      2. I am in mortal sin. My main sin is being a non Catholic. I would categorize myself as a catechumen who desires to become Catholic.
        Before you asked I was baptised as an infant and thought myself a good Catholic until 5 years ago. I attended daily Mass, I was at World Youth Day in Spain 6 years ago. After that I started finding out about John Paul II at Assisi, Catholic dogma, necessity of the Catholic faith in order to be saved, false teachings from men who’re supposed to be catholic.

        It’s been a difficult journey. I am preparing myself for abjuration. A public repudiation of all of my false past beliefs and to profess my unhindered Catholic faith, confessing my sins so I can not only be a Catholic but a good Catholic.

      3. When u face God He won’t ask you about the pope,, he’ll ask if u followed His laws. God will show you the way. U have no life within you if u don’t receive the Eucharist. The devil is deceiving you.

      4. That is true. But what does St. Paul say about receiving the Eucharist unworthily? You are doubly cursed for such a thing. I cannot attend the masses of heretics. Eusebius walked away from Arius’ Church and refused to attend mass while he was there, years before Arius was publicly declared a heretic by the Church. Am I less bound than him. St. Athanasius, while being heavily persecuted by the Arians, and eventually forced out of his See (he was a bishop you see), was forced to flee into the desert, where he refused to attend the masses conducted by Arians. For 90% of the Catholic Churches at that time, became Arian. True catholics stayed away from mass; for receiving the Eucharist at the hands of heretics, is “eating and drinking condemnation” as St. Paul teaches.

        I hate not being able to attend Mass and to receive the Holy Eucharist, but Mass conducted by heretics is no help to me spiritually. It is a curse. When the Jews were forced into the captivity in Babylon, where they could not worship, the faithful ones prayed, but the unfaithful ones joined the false worship of the Babylonians.

        I’m hope you see where I’m coming from.

      5. The priests are not heretics..please talk to a priest… ” Please….if u really cared about Christ you’d talk to a priest..and not rely on what you read..which could be lies.

      6. If I were to talk to a priest in front of you, he wouldn’t be able to deny the truth of anything I said. Yet he would not believe for God has withdrawn His grace from them. I have spoken to many. Two of the priest I’ve spoken to admitted that John Paul II was a heretic; and still they did not believe. Belief is not a matter of intelligence. It is a gift from God. I’ve spoken to a priest who says he does not believe Hell is a place. I’ve spoken to another who said that wheat flour is not necessary matter for the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. I’ve spoken to a priest over the radio who could not answer any of my questions. It’s because what I’ve read are the first 7 Ecumenical Councils of the Church; all of which disagree with what’s being taught today. How can the Church be one, when people believe different things?

      7. Ok.. get out of moral sin,,if u don’t be sure to say you’re sorry before you die,,, or you’ll likely go to hell…. Confession,, Mass, if u take people away from His only church you’ll be like a luther..

    2. You say, “He’s the only pope i don’t trust” Yet in the city of Assisi, during the 80’s, John Paul II permitted the Dalai Lama to place his wicked idol of Buddha upon the tabernacle of Our Lord. Francis has yet to match such wickedness. I’m sure you thought John Paul II was a great man. What kind of a Pope would allow a devil “For the gods of the heathens are devils but the Lord made the Heavens” (Psalm 95) upon the tabernacle of the Most High?

      1. You don’t believe me. i know it is difficult, which is why I want to focus on one person at a time. But all you have to do is search for John Paul II at Assisi and it will pop up.

        Let’s deal with this case hypothetically. Let’s say a random person who is a Catholic is responsible for keeping the Tabernacle of Christ, free from impurities but then has a non Catholic friend who believes in Buddha. Then before hand the random Catholic agrees to have his friend place a statue of Buddha upon the tabernacle of Christ. What would you say about that Catholic? More importantly, what would God do with that person?

  4. This guy gave me a great place to get an email for twitter if u get kicked off.. won’t put it here though. 🙂

      1. I usually just watch Mark Dice videos to get a kick out of someone having a go at celebrities on Twitter. But I don’t do it myself. I guess you wear getting kicked off Twitter as a badge of honour.

  5. :p it’s so much fun. 😀 I love replying to libs.. AND I just got a new account. This man who got kicked off 30 times told me how. lol lol

    1. 30 times? They’ll probably label you guys as “Russian bots” there to “boost Trump” in the elections. All you’d have to do is pay them millions of dollars and you’d fit the profile perfectly.

  6. Watch what you say in public, you can be excommunicated. A prof said he was in my grad school. Talk to a priest about your worries. He’ll give u peace and straighten it out.

    1. When last have you heard someone being excommunicated? Joe Biden, who openly supports the murder of the unborn, has received “communion” from John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis. if they cared anything about the Catholic faith, they would have excommunicated false Catholics like Biden, Pelosi, O’Reilly and others. But they care nothing about the catholic faith so they’ve never excommunicated anyone for anything.
      St. Thomas A Becket excommunicated a knight of the english realm for murdering a priest. He declared that knight, damned, and cast him into the everlasting fires of hell.

      Yet John Paul II declared on more than one occasion that Hell is not a place; contradicting Catholic dogma, and the Most Holy Words of Our Lord Himself in the Gospels. Why should I fear excommunication from those who don’t believe in it and from those who don’t believe in Hell? A non Catholic has no canonical authority over me.

      1. If they find a site with lots of anti pope talk that they find as lies and could lead others away from the church they might. Then you’d have to go to a bishop.

      2. The answer is they’ve never excommunicated anyone because they don’t believe in it and they don’t believe that Hell is a place. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have not hidden their heresies. Nancy wears her LGBT bracelet openly without as much as a stern warning from her Bishop. Everyone in the world has heard them. Yet neither their bishops nor the so called Popes have excommunicated them. Why do you think that is?

  7. God will judge the pope, He knows His intentions. We don’t love God if we reject His laws because of our own disagreements.

    1. You shouldn’t be concerned with God judging anybody else. I am only concerned with my own judgement. Therefore I know I have to get right with God. In order to do that i must believe everything He has taught in His Catholic Church.

      May I ask you a question?

      1. I mean that when you tell me to let God judge the Popes, and to not be concerned about their affairs; part of being Catholic is to judge. St. Paul tells us to “Judge the Spirits”. If John Paul II therefore allowed a statue of Buddha, to be placed upon the tabernacle; I have to judge that as wrong and not just say; God will judge Him.

        As you said earlier; obey God’s commandments. Well the first Commandment says; “Thou shalt not worship any god besides me” John Paul ii broke that commandment by allowing an idol to be placed above God. Don’t you think it’s my duty as a Catholic to call idolatry, idolatry? If I cannot judge this sin in JP II, how can I judge it as wrong in my own life?

    1. I agree. I was speaking about that some weeks ago. It was part of the readings for that Sunday. All of the Virgins are Catholic. But the unprepared virgins are bad Catholics. All bad Catholics will go to hell, and all non Catholics will go to hell. The purpose of the parable is to tell us that only good Catholics are saved and welcome into God’s Kingdom.

    1. No I am not. Only Protestants believe in once saved always saved. I must become a good Catholic and remain a good Catholic to the end of my days in order to be saved.

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