Suspected Chen Wei Guo, U of U Shooter Austin Boutain; Wife Arrested


After a 15 hour manhunt, it is perhaps surprising that the police chase to capture Austin Boutain, killer of Chen Wei Guo, was ended by a librarian. After alerting the library security, Boutain was confronted and peacefully arrested.

Anthony Boutain’s wife, Kathleen was the one who initially alerted the police to Mr. Boutain in a “domestic” violence dispute, completely unrelated to Chen Wei Guo’s murder. However, she has also been taken into custody for possession of illegal drugs.

Apparently, the couple are now suspects in another murder in Colorado.

“The librarian had noticed someone who matched the description of Mr. Boutain,” said Chief Bill Brophy with the University of Utah Police Department.  “(Librarian) called library security who came over and confronted Mr. Boutain and was peacefully taken into custody.”

Chen Wei Guo
Chen Wei Guo

Domestic Violence Call Sparked Series of Events Which Led to Chen Wei Guo’s Death

“Police learned of the incident after his wife called 911 to report a domestic violence situation between the couple.  But Boutain fled and police said that’s when he allegedly came across the student who was killed.”

Possible Connection To Colorado Murder

“In Golden, Colo., police say they were tipped by Salt Lake City police just after midnight. Police asked them to conduct a welfare check on a person who owned a green pickup truck that the Boutains were accused of driving.When police arrived to a RV trailer camp, they went to the man’s home and found him dead. Wednesday they identified the victim as 63-year-old Mitchell Bradford Ingle.”

“He died under suspicious circumstances,” said Chief  Bill Kilpatrick of the Golden Police Department.  “We’re going to try to talk to Kathleen.  We don’t want to call them a suspect, they are persons of interest but we certainly want to talk to that person and see if we can put some information together regarding our case.”


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