The Pure Evil of Halloween Is Being Spread Through AI


The “incredible geniuses” at MIT have created a so called “AI” that is able to “come up” with horror stories, tweeting portions of them every hour during the month of October culminating on the 31st. The “AI” was given the completely original name of “Shelley” after the author of Frankenstein, a Halloween idol.

The evil of halloween

Shelley AI (with the help of stories from Reddit users i.e. human intelligence) is apparently a means of involving persons on social media in sharing horror tales and participating with the so called AI in this sinister activity.

As gladly reported on the World Economic Forum website: “There are few things more frightening than the human imagination, which is why Shelley AI was trained on spooky stories collected from Reddit users. Although the technology is capable of coming up with its own ideas, it works better when provided with inspiration from human contributors.”

The website goes on to report that: “Getting involved in the spooky storytelling is easy – all you need is a Twitter account and an imagination. Shelley AI will tweet a new short story every hour. In order to contribute to the tale, users can reply with up to three tweets.”

The tweets are essentially your run of the mill horror stories but the inclusion of children is quite telling. Shelley AI has tweeted the following:

“I could see a silhouette of a little girl, she was staring into my eyes, her hair was matted with blood, her hair was draped all over.” If that isn’t a “fun” retelling of the actual child sacrifices which took place around this time in pagan Europe, I don’t know what is. But that’s the whole point of Halloween isn’t it? And so called Christians have no problem with this.

Another, more recent tweet goes like this: “I tried calling him, but he wouldn’t answer. I walked to the bathroom to get my son’s hands, and saw him there, standing over my son,” That’s not a depiction of demonic child sacrifice at all is it?

The appearance of Shelley AI is quite monstrous as well. However, the not so subtle use of shades is clearly in homage of the black/white symbolism oftentimes portrayed in Masonic and Buddhist art.

As I’ve already written in a previous article, Halloween is the modern day pagan assimilation of the eve of the Catholic All Hallows Day feast: a feast which celebrates and commemorates all the Holy men and women who lived and died as good Catholics; particularly those saints who don’t have their own feasts throughout the year.

With Halloween as presently constructed, the dead are also honoured, but the evil dead instead of the holy dead. The pagan Samhain is what is actually taking place, seamlessly incorporating all the evil spirits of the modern day.

The offering of children to the Devil is central to Halloween and that is why they are so heavily featured and targeted at this time. This is why Shelley AI has included them in these “horror” stories. It is merely the continuation of a wicked tradition.


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