It’s Not Surprising That Mainstream Outlets Are Celebrating The “Reformation” 500 Years On

The evil of halloween

The idolisation of the Apostate Martin Luther and his so called Reformation by the mainstream media, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Our society, owes much of its “human rights”and humanistic ideals such as freedom of thought, freedom of expression and other such licentious and destructive acts, to the rebel priest, the founder of protestantism.

How Luther’s ‘Reformation’ set the stage for modernist ideals

Of course, many anti Catholics, who are free today to do and say whatever they want, especially against the Church, thank Martin Luther for setting the stage all of those years ago. This is why even the admittedly irreligious BBC and World Economic Forum among others, are praising Martin Luther today. The temporary victory he won centuries ago, laid the foundations for many of the lies that are perpetuated in society today.

Martin Luther himself, though worshiped as an icon of “freedom of expression” burnt countless people at the stake for disagreeing with his dogmas; an act of total hypocrisy. He condemned the Catholic Church for doing the same thing to heretics.

However, history is told by the “victor” and because apostasy, heresy and overall licentiousness are far more popular in the world today than Catholicism is, most people believe that inquisitions and burning unbelievers at the stake were uniquely Catholic; the Church of course is still being condemned today by this damned generation of relativists for those things. However, Luther’s actions are relatively unreported in the mainstream, as evidenced by the BBC’s and The Economist’s celebration of him today.

Where is the condemnation of Luther for his own inquisitions? The BBC has countless ‘documentaries’ on the ‘horrible’ Catholic Church and its ‘awful’ inquisitions, ‘anti-semitism’ and crusades. But for Luther? A celebration of the ideal of ‘reformation’ is what’s reserved.

But it’s understandable though, given what the ideals of reformation has led to. The society the BBC and others exist in, and thrive in, owes its very existence to Luther’s ‘reformation.’

Protestants like their heathen counterparts adore the man. They of course have hitherto failed to recognise that every time a “gay” couple demands the right to be served everywhere, and to be married by a Protestant minister, they have Martin Luther’s ‘reformation’ to thank for that. They fail to recognise the fact that the rights demanded by groups like Black Lives Matter and other such SJW’s, stem from the Protestantism founded by Martin Luther.

As predicted by Catholics long ago, freedom to interpret the Scriptures according to conscience, freedom to express a difference of opinion on dogmatic issues, freedom for all men to be Pope unto themselves, have led to the seemingly limitless moral relativism that dominates society today.

Now persons are free to murder the unborn (which on principle Protestants support), they are free to value lesser things in nature like animals and trees over their fellow men, they are free to perform contraception even to the destruction of their race, they are free to protest, harass, harangue, attack, spit at others, divorce and remarry multiple times even within the space of days, dress immodestly, lust, whore out their women while calling it equality, men dressing up as women, women dressing up as men, children dressing up as monsters, blaspheme God and His Church, all in the name of freedom, because of Luther’s apostate ideology.

Martin Luther, to be fair believed in hardly any of those things. But it is undeniable that the principles of his ‘reformation’ were always going to devolve into the chaos we see around us today. The main purpose of Luther’s reformation was to establish ‘freedoms’ which inevitably eroded not only the religious authority which is the right of the Catholic Church; but also eroded the authority of secular authorities like the kings, the wider governments and their various agencies.

Is it any wonder then, that the Godless celebrate Luther’s memory, fittingly on Halloween with the other devils, alongside their Protestant and False Catholic brethren?


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