It’s Halloween! No It’s Hallowe’en! No It’s Hallows Eve! How the Eve of This Great Catholic Feast Has Gone Back to its Pagan Roots


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At the height of Christendom, the Catholic Church was able to replace many pagan feasts with the feasts of her Saints. One such feast, the Feast of All Saints, (All Hallows Day) is celebrated Nov 1 every year, one day after All Hallows Eve (All Souls Day on October 31). Many criticise the Catholic Church for this; illogically linking those most holy feasts to the pagan rituals they replaced. To follow such logic through to conclusion, one would have to repudiate every day that God has made, simply because pagans have used and continue to use them to celebrate their wicked feasts.

What cannot be denied though, whatever you may say about the Catholic Church, is that at the height of her power and influence, pagan feasts like what we now call “Halloween” (originally the Pagan Gaelic Harvest festival Samhain) were at their lowest point. Most people observed the Catholic feast instead of the pagan one, honouring the holy dead of Catholicism, and not the demons the pagans worship.

Over the course of time, many Catholic beliefs, including the holy manner of celebrating All Hallows Eve,  were betrayed by those who were meant to safeguard them. The pagan influences of Samhain, found their way once again to All Hallows Eve, and the name Samhain assimilated the Catholic one, eventually becoming what we now know today as Halloween. And the honour of the Catholic dead, became once more the honour of pagan demons, ghouls, goblins, faeries, witches, and other damned devils and men.

Since the advent of Protestantism, Puritanism, American Revivalism, false Catholicism, we have seen false Christian, after false Christian, continue to perpetuate this betrayal of true Christian values and pass them off as Christian and traditional. True Christians however, have never celebrated this Samhain form of Halloween, which is a ritual of the invocation of the damned to possess us, especially our children.

Notice the focus of Halloween on children. Candy, in our modern times seems harmless, but the eating of it in such large portions is a gluttonous act and a means to open up our children to all sorts of demonic influences. The sugar high is definitely a demonic gateway into our children, especially at this time, like the smoking of marijuana and other such drugs.

The modernisation of the costumes is another trick that bamboozles almost the entire world. Supeheroes are good aren’t they? They’re not exactly witches right? Aliens are harmless right? Even those of us who disingenuously admit the wickedness of witches and ghouls, are had by the “good guys.”

What’s wrong with dressing up like a soldier or a pilot or the President, or a Red Indian? What’s wrong is that it is the partaking in a Satanic ritual, meant to invoke demonic spirits and influences upon us and upon our children.

The fact that this Satanic form of Halloween, is most prevalent in so-called Christian societies like the U.S. and most vigorously defended by so-called Christians, is the biggest trick of all. \

“Conservative” groups are fighting for the “right” to “dress however we want” for Halloween, against the misgivings of liberal groups. When liberals are morally closer to the truth than “conservatives”, it is a sure fire sign of just how deep the evil of Halloween runs.

The same people professing an undying love for Christ, put on the skin of his enemies and imbue their souls with the spirits of demons. Christ is always last in our society, because He is hated by this world, most especially by those who claim to love Him.


Dean Nestor

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