American Publishers Accused Of Anti-Semitism


What is anti-semitism?

As is currently understood, anti-semitism is any form of discrimination against Jews.

Are Jews Semites?

Yes, although most Jews are believed to be of European descent, they are in fact Semites.

Are Jews the only Semites?

No, they are but a small number in the larger Semitic population in the world.

What is a Semite and who can be correctly called anti-semitic?

A Semite is anyone who is a patrilineal descendant of Sem. Therefore, anyone who hates all people of Semitic descent can be correctly called anti-semitic.

Who is Sem?

Sem was the eldest of Patriarch Noe’s (Noah’s) sons. After the world was destroyed by the Great Deluge, all subsequent men were descended from Noe’s three sons.

Why then has the term anti-Semitism been been applied only to discrimination against Jews?

Primarily it is a manifestation of Jewish influence in the modern day. However, it also demonstrates the Gentile (non Jewish) lack of understanding of what race is and what constitutes it, preferring rather to group each other based on colours or geographic location.

Therefore, when these American publishers are accused of antisemitism and compelled subsequently to apologise for it, it is merely a demonstration of the power and influenced wielded by Jewish lobbyists and their ilk.

However, the charge of anti-Semitism here, is false as is usually the case. Primarily because not all Semites were offended but only certain elements of the Jewish Semites. Secondly, because generalisations, as made by these publishers are not discriminatory but necessary to document behaviour patterns of different groups of people.

The paranoid Jewish lobbies never like that though for fear of patterns usually found, which point out the general success, and greed of Jews. It of course does not apply to all Jews, but even a generalisation is unacceptable to them, since the potential for the combined reprisal of other races, is a frightening prospect.


Dean Nestor

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