Rampage in Poland Shopping Mall. 1 Dead, 7 Injured


The recent knife attack in Stalowa Wola, Poland is yet another example of the fact that there’s not much that can be done to stop someone who has a mind to cause as much carnage as possible. A tyrannical limitation on firearms only causes a person already determined to kill to find another way to kill.

As reported in the Daily Mail

A witness called Urszula told local media: ‘I saw the first victim attacked just two metres from where I was standing.

One witness said: ‘The man, dressed in a grey sweatshirt, came through the main entrance with two knives and blindly attacked the next victim in silence.’

Another who works at the shopping centre said: ‘It was one big slaughterhouse. The whole gallery was in blood, it looked terrible.’

The police could not determine a motive, stating the man was mad. Police commandant Krzysztof Pobuta said: ‘The detained man was unable to explain his motives and didn’t know why he did it. I see that he is in the middle of a deep mental breakdown. We do not know yet what is going on.’


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