Media Response to John Kelly’s Trump Defense


The almost wall to wall negative coverage this passed week, of President Trump’s allegedly insensitive words to the widow of a fallen soldier, is a prime example of the mainstream left wing media’s personal vendetta against the American President. They are set to do battle with this President and will obsess over and scrutinize everything that he does throughout his tenure. Their reaction however, to the John Kelly defense of said President is quite telling.

Far from the vitriol automatically cast President Trump’s way for whatever he says, the mainstream left wing media, was very even-toned with their response to the Secretary of State, with a few exceptions here and there.

Comparing Chief of Staff Kelly’s response to President Trump’s the New York Times reported: “Mr. Kelly struck a tone that was more even, if just as powerful.” Although Chief of Staff Kelly basically said what President Trump had been accused of saying and was completely denounced in the media for it. Yet, when Secretary Kelly says it, his “tone was more even…”

In that same New York Times article, a writer from the Wall Street Journal is quoted writing this about Secretary Kelly: “Its great power was you knew he was telling the truth, and in all specifics,…Kelly comes to the podium and it was credible, and you felt a kind of relief, and respect and gratitude.” In other words, the hacks in the mainstream media don’t mind hearing and accepting the truth from time to time, as long as it doesn’t come from their sworn enemy. Preposterous, yes but things often are in times of war. Propaganda levels often fly through the roof.

Chief of Staff John Kelly is treated rather sympathetically in this Washington Post piece about his defense of President Trump, the usual hostility shown towards the President palpably absent here.

And that’s the thing. Even when the media disagrees with the Secretary of State, it displays a certain level of respect and courtesy not afforded to President Trump. Especially at the Press Briefing itself; the hostile manner in which the President is interrupted and questioned (as evidenced by the Jim Acosta incident) was completely missing here; showing that there’s something deeper to the media’s complete hostility towards President Trump than meets the eye. It’s not because he’s a conservative…he’s hardly that and is more pragmatist than a right wing idealist.

When the media compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, it is easy to think that it is left wing sensationalism. However, with their moderate reaction to President Trump’s Chief of Staff, I think they genuinely believe that comparison. Trump is not only a truth teller but a teller of truths that make us uncomfortable. Remember when he said “their rapists…”? Not only a truth but one that rocks the current status quo to its core. He says things the mainstream has silently agreed not even to acknowledge; even though they know they’re true.

Thus the media’s unparalleled negativity and hostility towards President Trump, does come from a place of genuine hatred. But that hatred is sourced in a real fear of the man and the effect he might possibly have on American politics.


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