Las Vegas ‘Timeline’ Security Guard Goes Missing


On the very day Jesus Campos, the security guard at the centre of the timeline mix up, was scheduled to speak at a press conference, he turned up missing, in the latest of a series of confusing events surrounding the alleged Vegas Shooting.

All of these inconsistencies from official police and media reports on the alleged shooting, have up to this point only served to strengthen the belief of a growing number of persons, that the whole thing was staged and that there was in fact no mass shooting. Combine that with the mass censorship carried out by YouTube, of any videos pointing out evidence that the shooting was a hoax and we have a mainstream that looks on edge over this issue.

The Weinstein Affair has pushed the Vegas shooting out of the headlines these passed couple of weeks. The media perhaps desperate to move on from it, but with this latest incident, the story has been thrust back out onto the front pages.


Dean Nestor

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