Not Even Thomas the Tank Is Safe From U.N. Diversification


When even cartoons are deemed ‘not diverse enough’ then you know this world is and has been in serious moral decay for an extremely long time. And what does diverse mean any way? For example, female tanks are to replace Thomas’ male best friends on the Thomas The Tank show. However, statistics show that there are slightly more women in the US and the rest of the world than there are men. Therefore, how does including female characters on a cartoon, help with ‘diversity’?

Also an orange tank is to represent “blacks” even though they are a majority on the African continent. Again, how does the change help with ‘diversity?’

By simply looking at the groups that have been targeted by this U.N. initiative on the Thomas the Tank show, one could tell that this has nothing to do with ‘diversity’ and everything to do with ostracizing ‘men’ and ‘whites’. Even non fat people are targets of this initiative.

The U.N’s bid to control the way our children think knows no bounds, as they already have major influence over the education systems of a vast number of the world’s nations. What they’ve done with the Thomas the Tank show is just another example of that influence. And make no mistake about it, the life lessons included on the show are all leftist in nature. Anyone remember Captain Planet’s liberal propaganda?

This excerpt from one of the episodes demonstrates exactly what these changes are hoping to accomplish with the way children around the world think about these major issues.


One morning, Thomas chuffed into the station and blew his whistle to say ‘Hullo, Mr Fat Controller’. The Station Precinct Executive Manager, as he was more properly titled now, scowled and said: ‘I’d like a word with you in the sidings, Thomas.’

Oh dear, thought Thomas. Have I upset him? The manager adopted a pitying frown and explained, in a nannying Blue Peter-presenter voice, that it was no longer ‘appropriate’ to call him fat.

‘But you are — you’re a complete porker,’ said Thomas truthfully.

‘Those,’ sighed the Fat Controller, ‘are not words we use in the 21st century. I may have a gland problem which makes me clinically obese. But it is hurtful to refer to anyone’s body image, Thomas.’

He added that in future he would not wear the spongebag trousers, tails and top hat that evoked memories of the great railway engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Instead, he would be issued with an Arriva Trains executive-tier uniform of polyester trousers, Terylene shirt and company-logo tie. He issued Thomas with a formal warning about his conduct and explained that this would be placed on his disciplinary file.

Daily Mail

It’s incredible the lengths these people will go to. They’re not even trying to mask it around metaphor anymore. it’s just plain for everybody to recognise, especially the children it targets.


Dean Nestor

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    Great article

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