Feminist Lawyer Lisa Bloom Exposed By Rose McGowan


Actress Rose McGowan has done it again. She has once more exposed another celebrity’s hypocrisy. Last week it was Ben Affleck, today it’s Lisa Bloom. No wonder Lisa Bloom disappeared at the first sign there was real trouble looming for Mr. Weinstein. She had to have known that this was coming.

Lisa Bloom related news items, have been on the thin side, ever since the attorney resigned from Harvey Weinstein’s legal team. Despite keeping a very low profile since then, she has been dragged right back into the news-cycle by Ms. McGowan, who has been on a one woman mission, to bring down every thing and every one affiliated with Harvey Weinstein. (I wonder if she’ll face any ramifications from Facebook given what happened the last time she said something controversial on social media.)

In a Facebook post Ms. McGowan claimed that: “You know what is truth, Lisa? I feel like people should know that you’ve been calling my literary agent and saying there’d be money for me if I got on the “Harvey’s Changed” bandwagon? You told her that I should care about HIS reputation. How HE has a family now and how HE has changed. Well, guess what? I’ve always had a family and that didn’t stop him from assaulting me. I have to pay for two men to have coffee and croissants at a fancy restaurant to discuss MY ASSAULT and what would happen to me if I DIDN’T SHUT UP FOREVER.  When I was hurt by the Monster, my then lawyer was someone named David Feldman and he is the one who came at me with the $100,000 offer. He was just trying to curry favor from the swine, Lisa, just like you,”.

Ms. McGowan continued, posting that: ‘It would never have occurred to me to ask for money. Truly. The “payout” came after I asked my then powerful managers for help getting justice…A meeting took place between me and a bull framed criminal attorney, a women (sic), who seemed to delight that since I had done a sex scene in a movie, I would never win,…So I took the 100k. Two reasons. 1) it was my only way of telling the SWINE I was not willing to play along. He went ballistic… 2) Disgusting Hollywood people gave me hardcore PTSD and I needed out.’

Lisa Bloom for her part, categorically denied McGowan’s allegations in a statement to BuzzFeed News: “I never called Rose McGowan’s literary agent. I don’t even know who her agent is. I never threatened Rose McGowan, nor offered her money, nor reached out to her. This is completely false,”

However, Ms. Bloom did not think that her denial was sufficient. She went on to remind everyone that: “I have withdrawn from my representation of Harvey Weinstein and apologized for being involved in this. I am sorry for the pain Rose McGowan is in. But this is completely false.”

The one thing that Lisa Bloom cannot deny regardig Ms. McGowan, is that she represented Harvey Weinstein in the $100,000 settlement case referenced by Ms. McGowan in the above. After everything Ms. Bloom said about President Trump in his sexual harassment case, it is quite remarkable that she did so, knowing that she settled several sexual harassment cases including Ms. McGowan’s, on behalf of Mr. Weinstein; even playfully comparing him and his criminal behaviour to a dinosaur. “He denies many of the accusations as patently false…He is an old dinosaur learning new ways.”, which is consistent with what McGowan accused her of in the above: “You told her (McGowan’s literary agent)…How HE has a family now and how HE has changed

That is why Ms. Bloom’s apology rings a little hollow. It is yet another proof, that feminists like Lisa Bloom don’t care about women, nor their well being. No dialectic cares about bringing people together, for this ideology is only focused on reaping the benefits of the division it sews.


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