Liverpool vs Man United: Most Overhyped Football Rivalry


Well it happened again. Liverpool vs Manchester United, didn’t fail to disappoint. After all of the hype for over two weeks about how this is the greatest football rivalry in England; the match once again failed to live up to the hype.

Given all of the media talk about the game, and how this football rivalry is “special”, unique even;  the fans ought not be blamed if they sued for false advertising.

This isn’t the first time either. It happens twice a year, every year. The media says this is the greatest football rivalry for at least a week. The game fails to live up to the hype; and then the media tries to lay the blame on someone or something; in order to explain to ‘dimwitted’ fans; why the “greatest” rivalry in football amounted to nothing but 90 minutes of boredom.

Romanticism ruins everything it touches. It isn’t based on reality but based on a story told a thousand times. At first it’s told on the ground and eventually it ends up in the clouds. The romanticism of the Liverpool Man Utd fixture is ruining their matches; even before they start. This rivalry was never what the media cracks it up to be; and it doesn’t have a chance to ever meet those lofty heights.

Thus a stalemate like today’s with decent goal mouth action is, written off as another disappointment; unfairly judged against a lofty standard nowhere to be found in football history. It is but a fiction, crafted by a media only interested in the revenue to be gained from over hyping this great football rivalry.


Dean Nestor

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