Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan Account


Rose McGowan saw her Twitter account suspended several hours ago because the actress “violated Twitter rules” apparently. A screenshot of the suspension can be seen below.

Rose Mc Gowan Suspended
Screenshot of Rose McGowan’s Twitter account suspension. Perhaps the actress went too far in her revelations about Weinstein.

Maybe Rose McGowan revealed a little too much about Harvey Weinstein, failing to tow Hollywood’s virtue signaling line. It’s clear that she started talking about a whole lot more than “sexual harassment” when it came to Weinstein’s transgressions.

In a tweet last year with the #WhyWomenDontReport Ms. McGowan accused Hollywood and the Media of “shaming me while adulating my rapist”. Exactly who she was accusing of rape is unknown since she did not mention the name; but for those thinking it could only be Weinstein, such a conclusion is more than just a little naive. Maybe she really was accusing him but there are a sleuth of other Hollywood moguls and actors who could have just as easily been the ones. The rape culture in Hollywood of both actors and actresses, is very prevalent and silence and media manipulation, go a long way in maintaining that.

Since the story about Mr. Weinstein broke, Ms. McGowan has come out with a series of tweets. This one on October 10 of this year, accused actor Ben Affleck of telling Ms. McGowan to her face; (at a Press Conference that she was made to go to after the assault by Weinstein presumably;) that he told Harvey Weinstein to stop doing that (that presumably being Weinstein’s alleged sexual ‘assault’ of Ms. McGowan.) This of course implicates Ben Affleck in the cover up, like Russel Crowe and Matt Damon before him. Although Affleck denies this, there is a sense that the fallout from Weinstein’s own fall, is far from over, with several more actors potentially being linked to this scandal.

In another tweet on October 10, Ms. McGowan asked her followers to join an appeal to disband Weinstein’s Production company, despite the fact he was recently fired.

And perhaps that was the problem Twitter had with McGowan. She simply didn’t peddle the victim lines she was supposed to. She simply didn’t keep the condemnation to the man who was caught, in order to protect other actors and actresses. She has implicated Ben Affleck, and she has now gone after Weinstein’s Company, (who of course knew nothing about his activities after 30 years. They fired him so that proves they didn’t know right?)

But Twitter has made a huge P.R. blunder by suspending Ms. McGowan’s account. Even though they didn’t do so to censor her about the Weinstein Affair, that is exactly what most people are going to think and suspect. Twitter by suspending her has implicated itself as well.


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