Same Sex Attraction Is A Mental and Spiritual Malady


Stephen Black is a former so-called homosexual who lived that lifestyle for 8 years. “Black is now a Christian family man and the director of First Stone Ministries, which helps people overcome homosexuality.” (Life Site News)

The very existence of people like Stephen Black, who clearly identified as ‘gay’, especially for as long a period as 8 years, and then turned away from such a lifestyle to choose a life of Matrimony and family through having children, is proof that same sex attraction is a mental and spiritual malady, and not a genetic trait of a ‘persecuted’ and discriminated against minority; which is the lie that has been generated and perpetuated by the powerful “Gay” Lobby and other like groups, with the help of the mainstream media.

Also, the fact that there is such a large majority of leaders who claim to be Christian, of varying sects which in turn all masquerade as ‘Christian denominations’, who openly support or teach a tolerance of what they inaccurately call ‘homosexuality’,despite basic Church and Bible teachings condemning buggery and any tolerance of that lifestyle, indicates just how openly rebellious to God’s Law, our society is. It also indicates just how easily most people are willing to compromise God’s Law, if they notice many others around them doing so as well. They have no fortitude nor conviction to even stand for the Truth, let alone die for it.


Dean Nestor

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