Miami-Dade’s Rejection of “Gay” Conversion Therapy Ban


As reported in the Life Site News website: “The Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners voted 7-4 last week to reject a proposed ban on assisting minors who experience unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.” Good news to those who still oppose buggery and the so-called LGBTQ movement’s bid to legalize the inclusion of young adults and children in their sexual perversions.

However as the report goes on, it is clear that this victory, though significant, is resting upon the shifting sands of weak democratically elected leaders and the First Amendment.

The “LGBTQ” backed proposal was primarily struck down, not because of its overall immorality but because: “The ban would have prohibited anyone from telling a minor that same-sex activity or identifying as the opposite sex is harmful, wrong, or should be resisted…” The problematic word being “anyone”. In other words, all this bill would have to do is limit the ban to licensed counselors, and it would probably get through.

Liberty Council founder and chairman Mat Staver lauded the decision saying:  “The speech ban’s attempted reach beyond ‘licensed’ professionals to anyone and everyone else, including pastors counseling church members and parents counseling their own minor children, was an egregious First Amendment violation,”

As pointed out in a previous article, the First Amendment is one of the main reasons, secular American Laws aren’t safe and are easily subject to change; changes which occur in order to reflect whatever free speech has evolved (or in most cases) devolved into. Whatever buggery laws existed in the U.S. fifty years ago, no longer exist. Roe v Wade passed, overturning the abortion law. Why? First Amendment Rights.

It will be the same in this county. Eventually, the weak democratically elected leaders will succumb to the “First Amendment Rights” pressure from the “Gay” Lobby and other like groups; and this shield against the conversion therapy ban that Mr. Staver thinks the First Amendment is, will quickly turn into the hammer that will be used to stick the final nail in the coffin.


Dean Nestor

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