Cam Newton Apologizes For Honest “Misogynist” Reaction


The Apology

“What I did was extremely unacceptable.” Cam Newton

The Truth About Gender Equality 

Gender Equality is a concept that has garnered a huge head of steam in modern times. To suggest that there is an alternative reality to this dialectic concept is highly taboo and even criminal in some countries.

Gender Equality is yet another one of these social constructs that exists in some of our laws, our conversations, our dreams and safe spaces. Together with other modern day myths like Utopia; Gender Equality though it thrives in the mind of the “Progressive Man”, has hitherto failed to materialize in the biological, physical realm. Despite society’s best efforts, it hasn’t been able to overcome this reality: that men and women are not equal.

Sports: A Constant Reminder

NFL Football, more than any other professional sports league; proves that men and women are not equal. For you see, there is a grand total of zero women playing NFL Football on a professional level. There are professional women’s leagues in other sports. There are several in Association Football; there’s the WNBA (basketball); the WTA (Tennis); and the LPGA (Golf). The Gender Gap in those sports though, still manifests itself mostly in the dismal ratings the female versions pull because of the inferiority of the level of play, when compared to that of the men. (although women’s rights advocates would argue that it’s those misogynist men who are to blame for that.)

However, with American Football, there is no female counterpart league. It is such a violent sport, that nowadays its main issues, usually involve lawsuits from former players, who experience the aftereffects of playing, long after their careers are over. If these issues are raised with men, how much more would they be raised with women?

The universality of male participation in American Football, isn’t limited to the NFL level. There is no women’s college football, nor does it exist at the high school level, nor Pop Warner for that matter. Cam Newton would have played through all of that, all males, all of the time. Is it really that shocking and out of line for him to have said to Jourdan Rodrigue that “It’s shocking to hear a female talk about routes…” (an American football-specific skill), and react the way he did to that question?

The outrage afterwards was predictable. Newton’s comments highlighted something that everyone in the world knows, but publicly can’t come to terms with: that men and women are not equal. However it could have been a lot worse for Newton than losing one sponsor.

The Media Outcry

The most intriguing insight into society’s prerogatives one gets, is from the media outcry over this story. This column, written by Scott Fowler, Ms. Rodrigue’s colleague at The Charlotte Observer, is one example of just how invested society has become, in making this feminist dream a reality.

Mr. Fowler says of Mr. Newton’s “It’s funny” comment that; “To state the obvious, this is 2017 and not 1967.” A comment which completely exposes Mr. Fowler’s bias towards the feminist agenda and his general stupidity. How does the passing of fifty years or a hundred or a thousand, change the physiological differences between a male and a female? Cam didn’t make the comment because Ms. Rodrigue is a female journalist (which is the narrative the media has spun). He made it because she is a female talking about something done exclusively by men.

Mr. Fowler also provided further detail about the conversation between Cam Newton and Jourdan Rodrigue after she confronted him about what he’d said. According to the reporting of Mr. Fowler, “She (Jourdan Rodrigue) asked the quarterback if he really didn’t think a female could understand routes.” A question, which betrays the purpose of the feminist agenda. In asking Mr. Newton that question, Ms. Rodrigue is really asking him to recognize her as his equal. Not on the basis of whether or not she actually plays and understands American Football, (which is what her question referenced), but on the basis of men and women being equal generally speaking. Her question was agenda-driven not facts-driven.

Cam Newton’s response proves that he reacted the way he did, not because he doesn’t think women can be journalists (which the media is pushing) but because he knew that no women play American Football on any serious level and so American football-specific terms coming from them, sounds funny to him (and to most men who just don’t admit it). According to Fowler “Newton said she wasn’t really seeing specific routes when watching the game, she was just seeing if somebody was open.”

A brilliantly honest response for many reasons. What Cam Newton said, doesn’t just apply to women (like Ms. Rodrigue) but also to men (like myself), who’ve never played NFL football at any level. What I see when I watch is if “somebody was open.” I don’t see the routes. But then again I’m male and I’m not influened by the feminist agenda, like Ms. Rodrigue and the wider mainstream media and society. Ms. Rodrigue wasn’t offended because Cam Newton was wrong; she was offended because for a moment at least, he was brave enough (and to many stupid enough) to be right on this issue. In order to be aligned with the feminist agenda, you have to cosign the lie that men and women are equal.

The Response

The response will be obvious. There will be a major push to increase the number of female referees in American Football. We saw what happened to Richard Keys and Andy Gray over the Sian Massey affair. Since then, there have been more female assistant referees in the Barclays Premier League. However, the main push back against Cam Newton’s truthful statement, will be a major campaign for the NFL to have its first female head coach. That will be the ultimate slap in the face to Mr. Newton and his “misogynist” statement.


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