Calls For More Gun Laws Come After Every Mass Shooting


The mass shooting which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada last week, is now the deadliest ever recorded in U.S. history with 59 deaths so far and over 200 injured. These shootings sometimes have little in common. The backgrounds of the shooters are usually different; the locations are different, the motives are different but the resultant public backlash is always the same: “More gun restriction is a must.”

The Politicians After Each Mass Shooting

Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas) “I think they should be banned. There’s no reason for a typical gun owner to own anything that converts a semi-automatic to something that behaves like an automatic,” (The Hill)

DNC Deputy Chair Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) “You should not be able to have a high-capacity magazine. We ought to be able to step up and ban all these weapons of war that people use on our streets, so we can protect human life.”  (MSNBC Interview)

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) “Automatic weapons are illegal. If that (bump stocks) facilitates that, to me it would be subject to the same ban, If that actually gets on the Senate floor, I’d vote for it.” (Politico)

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “So what they are going to say if you give them bump-stocks it’s going to be a slippery slope I certainly hope so.” (C-Span)

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton “This makes no sense, and the vast majority of Americans, and the vast majority of gun owners know we need common-sense gun safety measures, so I’m going to keep fighting for it.” (The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon)

Members Of The Media and Press After Each Mass Shooting

Bret Stephens New York Times Columnist: “There is only one way to do this: Repeal the Second Amendment.” (New York Times)

Washington Post Editorial Board: “But an even better question is why focus solely on bump stocks — “a goofy little doodad,” in the words of a former firearms official — while ignoring the danger posed when people are allowed to purchase and possess assault-style weapons that were designed for war, with the capacity to kill in large numbers.” (Washington Post)

Jeffery Sachs: “Semiautomatic assault weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment. ” (CNN)

Joe Scarborough: “At some point they (Republican Congressmen) just have to say, really? Me getting reelected, is not worth my children living in a culture where they go to bed at night afraid, that tomorrow might be the day that they get shot down.” (MSNBC)


It’s clear that the gun debate rages after every mass shooting that takes place in the U.S. Why? Well proponents of stricter gun laws or the outright banning of guns from citizens; have no better opportunity to garner public sentiment and support for their cause; than immediately after a mass shooting. An even more important question though is, “Why do mass shootings occur so frequently in the U.S.?


The obvious but inaccurate answer is that it occurs because the guns are available. However, that’s like saying car accidents occur because the cars are available. It doesn’t look at personal responsibility, background, circumstance or anything of the sort.

What is the answer then? Well perhaps we should look at those who benefit politically and economically from these shootings, to find the answer.


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