Thomas St. Louis: Minibus Driver Robbed and Girlfriend Raped At Pigeon Island (HTS News)


Per the report of HTS News, members of the Gros Islet Minibus Association complained about the rising crime levels in St. Lucia, and their increased exposure to such crime. The P.R.O. of the Association Thomas St. Louis, alleged that one of their drivers was mugged and tied up, while his girlfriend was abused and raped by three masked assailants at Pigeon Island. Mr. St. Louis, while expressing love for his country, complained about the enabling attitude and general naivety of the general populace towards crime and criminals. He also urged that the blame for the increase in criminal activity, should be laid at the feet of the criminals, not at those of the government.

“This is my country, I love it. I love St. Lucia. And some of us are being very naive when it comes to the criminal elements. We make excuses for criminals; and then we kinda harbour them; when (sic) we the hardworking citizens are held ransom to (sic) these guys. (Do) you understand what I’m saying? My point is as a citizen, I deserve the right to work in an environment and achieve for myself and my family. And we blame government for everything…When these criminals have to be blamed.”

“Every boy has a gun.” Mr. St. Louis went on to say. “Persons are angry and there are some persons out there who fit the image of human beings but they behave and act like animals.”

Mr. St. Louis’ observation that “Every boy has a gun.” is a very poignant one. St. Lucia is a country with very strict gun laws and so guns are not owned by a majority of its law abiding citizens. However, despite these crackdowns, the criminal elements of this country, continue to get a hold of them illegally and continue to reek havoc on an almost entirely unarmed citizenry.

It is true that “Every boy has a gun.” but it is also true that barely any boy has a gun. The criminal boy is fully loaded in St. Lucia, free to prey upon the law abiding boy, who has been completely disarmed by the laws currently on his own country’s books. The St. Lucian citizen isn’t only a victim of its criminal elements, but is a victim of the misconception that strict gun laws, lead to fewer gun crimes.

U.S. cities like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore, are proof positive, that strict gun laws, oftentimes lead to greater gun crime. Gun toting criminals, don’t pay attention to the law, and so they assault one another and more importantly, they assault the unarmed, law abiding citizens, who sadly have a false belief that stricter gun laws make them as safe as possible. They, for the most part, cannot see that those laws provide the perfect environment for criminals, who in turn know, that the general populace is unarmed and therefore unable to defend itself against violent crimes.

Based on the number of shootings and other violent crimes that have already taken place this year in St. Lucia, one can see that the same is clearly happening here. How many more have to die, before the government reconsiders its stance on our gun laws? Why are criminals allowed to wield guns against unarmed law abiding citizens?


Dean Nestor

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